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Making Sense of Microposts

Proceedings of the WWW'12 Workshop on 'Making Sense of Microposts'

Lyon, France, April 16, 2012.

Edited by

Matthew Rowe *
Milan Stankovic **
Aba-Sah Dadzie ***

* The Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton-Keynes, England, UK
** Hypios & Université Paris-Sorbonne, France
*** The Oak Group, The University of Sheffield, England, UK

Table of Contents

    Keynote Abstract

  1. Information Theoretic Tools for Social Media 1
    Greg Ver Steeg
  2. Section I: Sentiment and Semantics

  3. Alleviating Data Sparsity for Twitter Sentiment Analysis 2-9
    Hassan Saif, Yulan He, Harith Alani
  4. Small talk in the Digital Age: Making Sense of Phatic Posts 10-13
    Danica Radovanovic, Massimo Ragnedda
  5. Exploiting Twitter's Collective Knowledge for Music Recommendations 14-17
    Eva Zangerle, Wolfgang Gassler, Günther Specht
  6. Section II: Information Extraction

  7. Extracting Unambiguous Keywords from Microposts using Web and Query Logs Data 18-25
    Davi de Castro Reis, Felipe Goldstein, Frederico Quintão
  8. Knowledge Discovery in Distributed Social Web Sharing Activities 26-33
    Simon Scerri, Keith Cortis, Ismael Rivera, Siegfried Handschuh
  9. Section III: Visualisation, Search and Networks

  10. Visualizing Contextual and Dynamic Features of Micropost Streams 34-40
    Alexander Hubmann-Haidvogel, Adrian M. P. Brasoveanu, Arno Scharl, Marta Sabou, Stefan Gindl
  11. When Social Bots Attack: Modeling Susceptibility of Users in Online Social Networks 41-48
    Claudia Wagner, Silvia Mitter, Christian Körner, Markus Strohmaier
  12. What Makes a Tweet Relevant for a Topic? 49-56
    Ke Tao, Fabian Abel, Claudia Hauff, Geert-Jan Houben
  13. Understanding Co-evolution of Social and Content Networks on Twitter 57-60
    Philipp Singer, Claudia Wagner, Markus Strohmaier

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31-Mar-2012: submitted by Aba-Sah Dadzie
2-Apr-2012: published on CEUR-WS.org