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AMW 2012
Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management

Proceedings of the 6th Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management

Ouro Preto, Brazil, June 27-30, 2012.

Edited by

Juliana Freire *
Dan Suciu **

* Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York Univeristy, USA
** Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, USA

Table of Contents


  1. In Search of Truth (on the Deep Web) 1
    Divesh Srivastava
  2. Constraint Reuse in DL-Lite Core with Arbitrary Number Restrictions 2-11
    Marco A. Casanova, Karin K. Breitman, Antonio L. Furtado, Vânia M.P. Vidal, José A. F. de Macêdo, Eveline R. Sacramento
  3. Ontology-Based Data Management 12-15
    Maurizio Lenzerini
  4. Web Search - Challenges and Opportunities 16-17
    Berthier Ribeiro-Neto
  5. Tutorials

  6. Methods and Techniques for Information Extraction by Text Segmentation 18
    Altigran Soares da Silva, Eli Cortez
  7. Semantic Web Research Inspired by W3C Standards, or the Hell of the Practice without Theory 19
    Jorge Pérez
  8. Web Databases

  9. Simplified Access Control Policies for XML Databases 20-34
    Loreto Bravo, Ricardo Segovia
  10. Alleviating the Sparsity Problem in Recommender Systems by Exploring Underlying User Communities 35-47
    Aline Bessa, Alberto H. F. Laender, Adriano Veloso, Nivio Ziviani
  11. Ontologies and RDF

  12. On Separability of Ontological Constraints 48-61
    Andrea Calì, Marco Console, Riccardo Frosini
  13. Ontology Contraction: Beyond the Propositional Paradise 62-74
    Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Evgeny Kharlamov, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov
  14. Semantics of Constraints in RDFS 75-90
    Álvaro Corté-Calabuig, Jan Paredaens
  15. Query Processing 1

  16. On Low Treewidth Approximations of Conjunctive Queries 91-101
    Pablo Barceló, Leonid Libkin, Miguel Romero
  17. Temporal SOLAP: Query Language, Implementation, and a Use Case 102-113
    Pablo Bisceglia, Leticia Gómez, Alejandro Vaisman
  18. On the Logic of SQL Nulls 114-128
    Enrico Franconi, Sergio Tessaris
  19. Schema and View Management

  20. Union and Intersection of Schema Mappings 129-141
    Jorge Pérez, Reinhard Pichler, Emanuel Sallinger, Vadim Savenkov
  21. Multi-Granular Schemas for Data Integration 142-153
    M. Andrea Rodríguez, Loreto Bravo
  22. On the Translatability of View Updates 154-167
    Enrico Franconi, Paolo Guagliardo
  23. Query Processing 2

  24. Chasing Polarized Order Dependencies 168-179
    Jaroslaw Szlichta, Parke Godfrey, Jarek Gryz
  25. Relative Expressiveness of Nested Regular Expressions 180-195
    Pablo Barceló, Jorge Pérez, Juan L. Reutter
  26. Multidimensional Contexts for Data Quality Assessment 196-209
    Aida Malaki, Leopoldo Bertossi, Flavio Rizzolo
  27. Poster Papers

  28. Towards Analytical Data Management for Numerical Simulations 210-214
    Ramon G. Costa, Fábio Porto, Bruno Schulze
  29. Automatic Filling of Web Forms 215-219
    Gustavo Zanini Kantorski, Carlos Alberto Heuser
  30. Semantic Loss in Query Reformulation in Dynamic Distributed Environments 220-224
    Bruno F. F. Souza, Maria C. M. Batista, Ana Carolina Salgado
  31. Enriching Query Routing Processes in PDMS with Semantic Information and Information Quality 225-229
    Crishane Freire, Damires Souza, Bernadette F. Lóscio, Ana Carolina Salgado
  32. Affiliation Influence on Recommendation in Academic Social Networks 230-234
    Michele A. Brandão, Mirella M. Moro

26-Jun-2012: submitted by Alberto H. F. Laender, Dan Suciu
26-Jun-2012: published on CEUR-WS.org