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OpenMath/MathUI/CICM-WiP 2012
The OpenMath and MathUI Workshops and Work in Progress at CICM 2012

Joint Proceedings of the 24th OpenMath Workshop, the 7th Workshop on Mathematical User Interfaces (MathUI), and the Work in Progress Section of CICM

Workshops at the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM). The conference hosted further workshops, which publish their own proceedings; please see the CICM workshop page for an overview.

Bremen, Germany, July 9 - 13, 2012.

Edited by

James Davenport, University of Bath, UK (OpenMath)
Johan Jeuring, Utrecht University and Open Universiteit the Netherlands (CICM WiP)
Christoph Lange, University of Birmingham, UK (OpenMath)
Paul Libbrecht, Center for Educational Research, Martin Luther University of Halle, Germany (MathUI)

Table of Contents

Mathematical User Interfaces (MathUI)

  1. MathDox Select: A tool for creating SCORM packages from existing exercises7-11
    Hans Cuypers, Jan Willem Knopper
  2. Navigation in Mathematical Documents12-23
    Andrea Kohlhase
  3. Skills Text Box A Tool to Access Resources by Mathematical Concepts (HTML version) 24-36
    Paul Libbrecht


  1. Mathematical Computations for Linked Data Applications with OpenMath38-48
    Ken Wenzel, Heiner Reinhardt
  2. The GF Mathematical Grammar Library: from OpenMath to natural languages49-52
    Olga Caprotti, Jordi Saludes

CICM Work in Progress

  1. An XML-Format for Conjectures in Geometry54-65
    Pedro Quaresma
  2. PlanetMath/Planetary66-72
    Joseph Corneli, Mircea Alexandru Dumitru
  3. Theorema 2.0: A Graphical User Interface for a Mathematical Assistant System73-81
    Wolfgang Windsteiger
  4. JBIG2 Supported by OCR82-90
    Radim Hatlapatka
  5. Normalization of Digital Mathematics Library Content91-103
    David Formánek, Martin Líška, Michal Růžička, Petr Sojka

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