[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-925

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SWAIE 2012
Semantic Web and Information Extraction

Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Web and Information Extraction (SWAIE 2012)

Workshop in conjunction with the 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2012)

Galway, Ireland, October 9, 2012.

Edited by

Diana Maynard *
Marieke van Erp **
Brian Davis ***

* The University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science, Sheffield, England
** VU University Amsterdam, Department of Computer Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
*** The Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Semantic Collaborative Software Unit, Galway, Ireland

Table of Contents

  1. Unsupervised Improvement of Named Entity Extraction in Short Informal Context Using Disambiguation Clues 1-10
    Mena B. Habib, Maurice van Keulen
  2. LODIE: Linked Open Data for Web-scale Information Extraction 11-22
    Fabio Ciravegna, Anna Lisa Gentile, Ziqi Zhang
  3. Ontologies as a Source for the Automatic Generation of Grammars for Information Extraction Systems 23-30
    Thierry Declerck, Paul Buitelaar
  4. Identifying Consumers' Arguments in Text 31-42
    Jodi Schneider, Adam Wyner
  5. Identifying and Extracting Quantitative Data in Annotated Text 43-54
    Don J. M. Willems, Hajo Rijgersberg, Jan L. Top
  6. Scenario-Driven Selection and Exploitation of Semantic Data for Optimal Named Entity Disambiguation 55-66
    Panos Alexopoulos, Carlos Ruiz, José-Manuel Gómez-Pérez

23-Oct-2012: submitted by Marieke van Erp
23-Oct-2012: published on CEUR-WS.org