[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-981

Copyright © 2013 for the individual papers by the papers' authors. Copying permitted only for private and academic purposes. This volume is published and copyrighted by its editors.

The 10th ESWC 2013 Conference Workshops: BeRSys2013, AImWD2013 and USEWOD2013

Joint Proceedings of the ESWC2013 Workshops: First International Workshop on Benchmarking RDF Systems (BeRSys2013), Second Workshop on Artificial Intelligence meets the Web of Data (AImWD2013) and Third International Workshop on Usage Analysis and the Web of Data (USEWOD2013)

at ESWC2013

Montpellier, France, May 26, 2013.

Edited by

Irini Fundulaki ~ (BeRSys2013)
Ioana Manolescu ° (BeRSys2013)
Ioan Toma @ (BeRSys2013)
Antonis Bikakis # (AImWD2013)
Christophe Guéret $ (AImWD2013)
Dino Ienco % (AImWD2013)
François Scharffe ^ (AImWD2013)
Robert Tolksdorf & (AImWD2013)
Serena Villata * (AImWD2013)
Bettina Berendt + (USEWOD2013)
Laura Hollink $ (USEWOD2013)
Markus Luczak-Rösch & (USEWOD2013)
Knud Möller - (USEWOD2013)
David Vallet ¬ (USEWOD2013)

~ FORTH, Greece
° Inria Saclay, France
@ STI Innsbruck, Austria

# University College London, UK
$ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
% IRSTEA Montpellier, France
^ LIRMM Montpellier, France
& Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
* INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France

+ KU Leuven, Belgium
- Datalysator, Germany
¬ Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Table of Contents

Benchmarking RDF Systems (BeRSys2013)

  1. Towards a SPARQL 1.1 Feature Benchmark on Real-World Social Network Data
    Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Alexander Schätzle, Thomas Hornung, Io Taxidou
  2. ParlBench: a SPARQL-Benchmark for Electronic Publishing Applications
    Tatiana Tarasova, Maarten Marx
  3. On the Need to Include Functional Testing in RDF Stream Engine Benchmarks
    Daniele Dell'Aglio, Marco Balduini, Emanuele Della Valle

Artificial Intelligence meets the Web of Data (AImWD2013)

  1. CycQL: A SPARQL Adapter for OpenCyc
    Steve Battle
  2. Semantics-based Models for the Representation of Claims about Cultural Artifacts and their Sources
    Aikaterini Vasilopoulou-Spitha, Antonis Bikakis

Usage Analysis and the Web of Data (USEWOD2013)

  1. Caching and Prefetching Strategies for SPARQL Queries
    Johannes Lorey, Felix Naumann

06-May-2013: submitted by Ioan Toma
07-May-2013: published on CEUR-WS.org