[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-164

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RAWS 2005
Representation and Analysis of Web Space

Proceedings of the RAWS 2005 International Workshop on
Representation and Analysis of Web Space

Točnß, Czech Republic, September 14-16, 2005.

Edited by

Vojtěch Svátek *
Václav Snášel #

* Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG), Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
# Amphora Research Group (ARG), Department of Computer Science, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Table of Contents

  1. Semantic Web Mining and the Representation, Analysis, and Evolution of Web Space
    Bettina Berendt, Andreas Hotho, and Gerd Stumme
  2. Visual HTML Document Modeling for Information Extraction
    Radek Burget
  3. Interactive Learning of HTML Wrappers Using Attribute Classification?
    Michal Ceresna
  4. Intelligent Wrapping from PDF Documents
    Tamir Hassan and Robert Baumgartner
  5. Web Information Extraction Using Eupeptic Data in Web Tables
    Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Bernhard Krüpl, Wolfgang Holzinger, and Marcus Herzog
  6. An Approach for Community Cutting?
    Györy Frivolt and Mária Bieliková
  7. Web Image Classification for Information Extraction
    Martin Labský, Miroslav Vacura, and Pavel Praks
  8. XML Query Support for Web Information Extraction: A Study on HTML Element Depth Distribution
    Michal Krátký, Marek Andrt, and Vojtých Svátek
  9. Enhancing Wrapper Usability through Ontology Sharing and Large Scale Cooperation
    Christian Schindler, Pranjal Arya, Andreas Rath, and Wolfgang Slany
  10. Automatic Composition of Web Analysis Tools: Simulation on Classification Templates
    Vojtěch Svátek and Miroslav Vacura
  11. Using Semantic Web Metadata for Advanced Web Information Retrieval
    Martin Švihla and Ivan Jelínek

submitted by Michal Krátký and Vojtěch Svátek, 06-Dec-2005