[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-185

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SemAnnot 2005
5th International Workshop on Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation

Proceedings of the
5th International Workshop on Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation (SemAnnot 2005)
located at the 4rd International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2005
7th November 2005, Galway, Ireland

Edited by

Siegfried Handschuh *, %
Thierry Declerck +
Marja-Riitta Koivunen #

* FZI, Forschungszentrum Informatik, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
% Ontoprise, Ontoprise GmbH, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany
+ DFKI, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz 67608 Kaiserslautern, Germany
# Annotea.org, USA

Table of Contents

Full Papers

  1. Semantic Web Development with WSDM
    Peter Plessers, Sven Casteleyn, Olga De Troyer
  2. Exploiting User Queries and Web Communities in Semantic Annotation
    Norberto Fernández-García, José M. Blázquez-del-Toro, Luis Sánchez-Fernández, Vicente Luque
  3. Ontological Annotation with WordNet
    Antonio Sanfilippo, Stephen Tratz, Michel le Gregory, Alan Chappel l, Paul Whitney, Christian Posse, Patrick Paulson, Bob Baddeley, Ryan Hohimer, Amanda White
  4. Time to evaluate: Targeting Annotation Tools
    Peyman Sazedj and H. Sofia Pinto
  5. A Flexible Approach for Managing Digital Images on the Semantic Web
    Christian Halaschek-Wiener, Andrew Schain, Jennifer Golbeck, Michael Grove, Bijan Parsia, and Jim Hendler
  6. Using a Multimedia Ontology Infrastructure for Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Content
    Thanos Athanasiadis, Vassilis Tzouvaras, Kosmas Petridis, Frederic Precioso,Yannis Avrithis and Yiannis Kompatsiaris
  7. Semantic Integration and Retrieval of Multimedia Metadata
    Roberto García, Óscar Celma

Short Position Papers

  1. Towards the definition of guidelines for RDF and Topic Maps interoperability
    Valentina Presutti, Lars Marius Garshol, Fabio Vitali, Steve Pepper, Nicola Gessar
  2. Feature Representation for Cross-Lingual, Cross-Media Semantic Web Application
    Paul Buitelaar, Michael Sintek, Malte Kiesel
  3. Simplifying a General Ontology Using Instances
    Farhad Mostowfi, Farshad Fotouhi, William Grosky
  4. Knowledge extraction from WebPages
    Sylvain Tenier, Amedo Napoli, Xavier Polanco, Yannick Toussaint
  5. A semi-automated Framework for Supporting Semantic Image Annotation
    Johanna Vompras and Stefan Conrad


  1. Determining Information Usefulness in the Semantic Web: A Distributed Cognition Approach
    Santtu Toivonen, Tapio Pitkäranta, Oriana Riva
  2. Adaptive Semantic Annotations for a Digital Library
    Rocío Abascal, Béatrice Rumpler
  3. An invoice - its semantics in the eyes of the beholder
    Bertin Klein
  4. Enhancing Semantic Annotation through Coreference Chaining: An Ontology-based Approach
    Till C. Lech, Koenraad de Smedt
  5. Video Stream Structuring and Annotation Using Electronic Program Guides
    Jean-Philippe Poli, Jean Carrive

submitted by S. Handschuh, K. Möller, June 6, 2006