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SEMPS 2006
Semantic-Enhanced Multimedia Presentation Systems

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on
Semantic-Enhanced Multimedia Presentation Systems (SEMPS-2006)

Athens, Greece, December 6, 2006.

Edited by

Lyndon J B Nixon, Free University of Berlin
Lynda Hardman, CWI Amsterdam and TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Ansgar Scherp, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
Susanne Boll, University of Oldenburg, Germany

Table of Contents

  1. Enhancing the presentation of multimedia using extracted semantics
    Dr Hyowon Lee (invited keynote)
  2. Semantics-based Dynamic Hypermedia Adaptation using the Hidden Markov Model
    Jayan C Kurian, Payam M Barnaghi, Michael Ian Hartley
  3. e-Learning Media Format for Enhanced Consumption on Mobile Application
    Sihyoung Lee, Seungji Yang, Yong Man Ro, Hyoung Joong Kim
  4. Squiggle: a Semantic Search Engine for indexing and retrieval of multimedia content
    Irene Celino, Emanuele Della Valle, Dario Cerizza, Andrea Turati
  5. Two-layered Photo Classification based on Semantic and Syntactic Features
    Seungji Yang, Yong Man Ro
  6. A Flexible Architecture for Semantic Annotation and Automated Multimedia Presentation Generation
    Payam M Barnaghi, Sameem Abdul Kareem
  7. A Semantic Approach for the Indexing and Retrieval of Geo-referenced Video
    Toni Navarrete, Josep Blat

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