[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-60

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RuleML 2002

Proceedings of the International Workshop on
Rule Markup Languages for Business Rules on the Semantic Web

14 June 2002, Sardinia, Italy

In conjunction with the First International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2002 and hosted by SIG2 (languages and standards) of the OntoWeb Network

Edited by

Michael Schroeder, City University, London, UK
Gerd Wagner, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

Table of Contents

  1. SweetJess: Translating DAMLRuleML to JESS
    Benjamin Grosof, Mahesh D. Gandhe, Timothy W. Finin
  2. A System for Querying and Viewing Business Constraints
    Mizuho Iwaihara, Masayuki Kozawa, Jun Narazaki, Yahiko Kambayashi
  3. The situation manager rule language
    Asaf Adi and Opher Etzion
  4. OntoAgent: A platform for the declarative specification of agents
    Andreas Eberhart
  5. Representing Agent Contracts with Exceptions using XML Rules, Ontologies, and Process Descriptions
    Benjamin Grosof and Terrence Poon
  6. ARML: an active rule mark-up language for heterogeneous active information systems
    Eunsuk Cho, Insuk Park, Soon J. Hyum, Myungchul Kim
  7. A Markup Language for ORM Business Rules
    Jan Demey, Mustafa Jarrar and Robert Meersman
  8. A Nonmonotonic Rule System using Ontologies
    Grigoris Antoniou
  9. An Equivalent-Tranformation-Based XML Rule Language
    Chutiporn Anutariya, Vilas Wuwongse, Vichit Wattanapailin
  10. UML as knowledge acquisition frontend for Semantic Web configuration knowledge bases
    Alexander Felfernig, Gerhard Friedrich, Dietmar Jannach, Markus Stumptner, Markus Zanker
  11. Web services based execution of business rules
    Rainer Schmidt
  12. Bringing a business rule perspective to resource discovery
    Carlos N. Cumberbatch, Suzanne M. Embury and Carole A. Goble
  13. A use case for DAML+OIL: a knowledge base in a clinical domain
    Maria Taboada, M. Arguello, D. Martinez, J. Des, J. Mira
  14. An inductive approach to assertional Mining of Web Ontology Revision
    Chieko Nakabasami
  15. Content-based Retrieval of Analytical Reports
    Vaclav Lin, Jan Rauch, and Vojtech Svatek
  16. A gentle introduction to Xcerpt, a rule-based query and transformation language for XML
    Sebastian Schaffer and Francois Bry

Submitted by Michael Schroeder, 27 June 2002