[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-69

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The Seventh Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering

Proceedings of the Seventh Australian Workshop on
Requirements Engineering

Melbourne, December 2-3, 2002.

Edited by

J.L. Cybulski *
L. Nguyen *
J. Lamp *
R. Smith *

* School of Information Systems, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Table of Contents

  1. Putting Some Emotion into Requirements Engineering
    Todd Bentley, Lorraine Johnston, Karola von Baggo
  2. RECOCASE-tool: A CASE tool for RECOnciling Requirements Viewpoints
    Kathrin Boettger, Debbie Richards, Anne Fure
  3. Conceptualising the Requirements of CRM from an Organisational Perspective: a Review of the Literature
    Olaf Boon, Brian Corbitt, Craig Parker
  4. Towards a Contingency Based Approach to Web Engineering
    Götz Botterweck, Paul Swatman
  5. An Experience of Principled Negotiation in Requirements Engineering
    David Bustard
  6. Defining System Agents in a COTS-Aware Requirements Engineering Approach
    Lawrence Chung, Kendra Cooper
  7. Modelling E-business Security Requirements: Developer and Client Expectations
    Michael Johnstone, Donald McDermid, John Venable
  8. Resource Modelling in an Object-Oriented Process Modelling Language
    Jürgen Jung, Bardo Fraunholz
  9. Developing an Ontology
    Janet Lavery, Cornelia Boldyreff
  10. Requirements Engineering Process Models in Practice
    Sacha Martin, Aybüke Aurum, Ross Jeffery, Barbara Paech
  11. Improving the Requirements Engineering Process through the Application of a Key Process Areas Approach
    Mahmood Khan Niazi
  12. Aligning System Requirements with Stakeholder Concerns: Use of Case Studies and Patterns to Capture Domain Experience
    Pradipta Sarkar, Jacob Cybulski
  13. An Integrated Model for Requirements Structuring and Architecture Design
    Juha Savolainen, Tuomo Vehkomäki, Mike Mannion
  14. A Logic of Actions to Specify and Verify Process Requirements
    Carlo Simon
  15. Developing the Interpersonal and Communication Skills Necessary for Effective Requirements Engineering
    Theda Thomas, Cheryl Schroder
  16. The Human and Organizational Impacts of Technology Uptake and Use
    Christine Wood, Terry Webb
  17. Systems' Requirements: Once Captured, are Slaughtered
    Ban Al-Ani

submitted by J. Lamp, May 02, 2003