[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-845

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SIDOP 2012
Signal and Document Processing

Proceedings of the Workshop on Signal and Document Processing

Hammamet, Tunisia, March 23-24, 2012.

Edited by

Sofiene Haboubi
Hamid Amiri

National Engineering School of Tunis
BP 37 Belvedere 1002 Tunis, Tunisia

Table of Contents

  1. Gesture Determination for Hand Recognition 1-4
    Taher Khadhraoui, Faouzi Benzarti, Abdulrahman Alarifi, Hamid Amiri
  2. Sonar Image Processing for Underwater Object Detection Based on High Resolution System 5-10
    Imen Mandhouj, Hamid Amiri, Frederic Maussang, Basel Solaiman
  3. L'Unicode des Caractères Arabes : Etat de l'Art 11-13
    Manel Daagi, Sofiene Haboubi
  4. Segmentation of Handwritten and Printed Arabic Documents 14-18
    Fethi Ghazouani, Mondher Maddouri, Samia Maddouri, Haikel El Abed, Volker Margner
  5. Extraction and Separation of Words from Bilingual Printed Document 19-25
    Rabeb Ben Abdelbaki, Sofiene Haboubi
  6. Robust Facial Feature Detection for Registration 26-30
    Taher Khadhraoui, Faouzi Benzarti, Hamid Amiri
  7. Study and Design of Median Filter 31-34
    Elmoncef Benrhouma, Souad Meddeb, Abdulqadir Alaqeeli, Hamid Amiri
  8. Anisotropy Analysis of 2D and 3D Textures Using Anisotropic Fractional Brownian Field 35-42
    Ferdaous Ouertani
  9. Topic Models for Automatic Image Annotation 43-47
    Marouane Ben Haj Ayech, Faouzi Benzarti, Hamid Amiri

14-May-2012: submitted by Sofiene Haboubi
16-May-2012: published on CEUR-WS.org