[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-105

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Application Design, Development and Implementation Issues in the Semantic Web

Proceedings of the WWW2004 Workshop on
Application Design, Development and Implementation Issues in the Semantic Web

New York, NY, USA, May 18th, 2004

Edited by

Christoph Bussler *
Stefan Decker *
Daniel Schwabe #
Oscar Pastor +

* Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland
#  PUC-Rio, Brazil
+ Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain ,

Table of Contents

  1. The Drug Ontology Project for Elsevier - An RDF Architecture Enabling Thesaurus-Driven Data Integration
    J. Broekstra, C. Fluit, A. Kampman, F. van Harmelen, H. Stuckenschmidt, R.Bhogal, A.Scerri, A. de Waard, E. van Mulligen
  2. Lifecycle of a Casual Web Ontology Development Process
    Aditya Kalyanpur, Nada Hashmi, Jennifer Golbeck, Bijan Parsia
  3. Service Model for Collaborating Distributed Design and Manufacturing
    Moon Jung Chung, Woongsup Kim, Ravi Gopalan, Hong Suk Jung, Hyun Kim
  4. Flexibility of Automatic Authoring for the Semantic Web
    Alexandra I. Cristea
  5. Semantic Web-based Adaptive Hypermedia
    Lora Aroyo, Paul De Bra, Vadim Chepegin
  6. Conceptual Modelling versus Semantic Web: the two sides of the same coin?
    Oscar Pastor, Joan Fons, Victoria Torres, Vicente Pelechano
  7. A Lightweight Approach to Semantic Tagging
    Nadzeya Kiyavitskaya, Nicola Zeni, Luisa Mich, J. Mylopolous
  8. Towards Ontology-Based Yellow Page Services
    Mikko Laukkanen, Kim Viljanen, Mikko Apiola, Petri Lindgren, Eero Hyvoenen
  9. Towards Semantic Web Engineering: WEESA - Mapping XML Schema to Ontologies
    Gerald Reif, Mehdi Jazayeri, Harald Gall
  10. Developing and Managing Software Components in an Ontology-based Application Server
    Daniel Oberle, Andreas Eberhart, Steffen Staab, Raphael Volz
  11. Semantical Descriptions of Models for Web Design
    Peter Barna, Geert-Jan Houben, Flavius Frasincar, and Richard Vdovjak
  12. Designing and Creating a Web Site Based on RDF Content
    Eero Hyvönen, Markus Holi, Kim Viljanen
  13. Towards the composition of Ad Hoc B2B Applications: Semantics, Properties and Complexity Management
    Rosa Gil Jaime Delgado, Zičd Choukair
  14. Web Design for the Semantic Web
    Peter Plessers, Olga De Troyer
  15. Specifying Semantic Email Processes
    Luke McDowell, Oren Etzioni, Alon Halevy
  16. Automating Design Support in Supply Chains on Semantic Web Services
    Incheon Paik, Hiroyuki Akimoto, Shinjirou Takami
  17. Towards Semantic Web Portals
    Michael Stollberg, Holger Lausen, Rubén Lara, Ying Ding, Sung-Kook Han, Dieter Fensel
  18. Design and Implementation of Semantic Web Applications
    Daniel Schwabe, Guilherme Szundy, Sabrina Silva de Moura, Fernanda Lima
  19. Web Agent’s Enclaves – A New Opportunity for the Semantic Web Services
    Violeta Damjanović, Dragan Gašević, Vladan Devedžić, Dragan Djurić
  20. OntoWeaver-S: Integrating Web Services into Data-Intensive Web Sites
    Yuangui Lei, Enrico Motta, John Domingue
  21. The Networked Semantic Desktop
    Stefan Decker, Martin Frank

submitted by C. Bussler, June 24, 2004