[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-1068

CILC 2013
Italian Conference on Computational Logic

Proceedings of the 28th Italian Conference on Computational Logic

Catania, Italy, September 25-27, 2013.

Edited by

Domenico Cantone*
Marianna Nicolosi Asmundo*

* University of Catania, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 95125 Catania, Italy

Table of Contents

Abstracts of Invited Talks and Tutorial

  1. On Model-Based Reasoning: Recent Trends and Current Developments (invited paper) 9
    Maria Paola Bonacina
  2. Proof Verification within Set Theory (invited paper) 11
    Eugenio G. Omodeo
  3. On the Decidability of the ∃*∀* Prefix Class in Set Theory (invited paper) 13
    Alberto Policriti
  4. Relational Dual Tableaux: Foundations and Applications (invited tutorial) 15-16
    Joanna Golińska-Pilarek

Long presentations

  1. Negation as a Resource: a Novel View on Answer Set Semantics 17-31
    Stefania Costantini, Andrea Formisano
  2. A Description Logics Tableau Reasoner in Prolog 33-47
    Riccardo Zese, Elena Bellodi, Evelina Lamma, Fabrizio Riguzzi
  3. Nested Sequent Calculi and Theorem Proving for Normal Conditional Logics 49-63
    Nicola Olivetti, Gian Luca Pozzato
  4. Focusing on Contraction 65-81
    Alessandro Avellone, Camillo Fiorentini, Alberto Momigliano
  5. Verification of Imperative Programs by Transforming Constraint Logic Programs 83-98
    Emanuele De Angelis, Fabio Fioravanti, Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti
  6. A Semantics for Rational Closure: Preliminary Results 99-113
    Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti, Gian Luca Pozzato
  7. Reasoning by Analogy Using Past Experiences 115-129
    Fabio Leuzzi, Stefano Ferilli
  8. Probabilistic Abductive Logic Programming using Possible Worlds 131-145
    Fulvio Rotella, Stefano Ferilli
  9. Explicit Constructive Logic ECL: a New Representation of Construction and Selection of Logical Information by an Epistemic Agent 147-162
    Paolo Gentilini, Maurizio Martelli
  10. CUD@ASP: Experimenting with GPGPUs in ASP solving 163-177
    Flavio Vella, Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Andrea Formisano, Enrico Pontelli
  11. Dealing with Incompleteness and Vagueness in Inductive Logic Programming 179-193
    Francesca Alessandra Lisi, Umberto Straccia
  12. Constraint and Optimization techniques for supporting Policy Making 195-209
    Marco Gavanelli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Michela Milano, Paolo Cagnoli
  13. Nondeterministic Programming in Java with JSetL 211-226
    Gianfranco Rossi, Federico Bergenti

Short Presentations

  1. A Proof-checking Experiment on Representing Graphs as Membership Digraphs 227-233
    Pierpaolo Calligaris, Eugenio G. Omodeo, Alexandru I. Tomescu
  2. Encodings of Sets and Hypersets 235-240
    Alberto Policriti
  3. A First Comparison of Abstract Argumentation Systems: A Computational Perspective 241-245
    Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Rossi, Francesco Santini
  4. A Platform for Managing Business Process Knowledge Bases via Logic Programming 247-251
    Fabrizio Smith, Dario De Sanctis, Maurizio Proietti
  5. An ASP-based System for Preference Handling and Planning 253-257
    Stefania Costantini, Giovanni De Gasperis, Niva Florio, Claudia Zuppella

Presented Papers which Appear Elsewhere

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