[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-113

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WIW 2004
WSMO Implementation Workshop 2004

Proceedings of the WIW 2004 Workshop on
WSMO Implementations

Frankfurt, September 29-30, 2004.

Edited by

Christoph Bussler *
Dieter Fensel *
Holger Lausen *
Eyal Oren *

* Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), 6020 Innsbruck / Galway, Austria / Ireland

Table of Contents

  1. GODO: Goal driven orchestration for Semantic Web Services
    Juan Miguel Gómez, Mariano Rico, Francisco García, Christoph Bussler
  2. WOOGLE meets Semantic Web Fred
    Uwe Keller, Michael Stollberg, Dieter Fensel
  3. IRS-III: A Platform and Infrastructure for Creating WSMO-based Semantic Web Services
    John Domingue, Liliana Cabral, Farshad Hakimpour, Denilson Sell, and Enrico Motta
  4. Using WSMX to bind Requester & Provider at Runtime when Executing Semantic Web Services
    Matthew Moran, Michal Zaremba, Adrian Mocan and Christoph Bussler
  5. Architecture for an Ontology and Web Service Modelling Studio
    Holger Lausen and Michael Felderer
  6. WSMX Execution Semantics - Executable Software Specification
    Eyal Oren
  7. Towards a Choreography for IRS-III
    S. Galizia and J. Domingue
  8. Demonstrating WSMX - Least Cost Supply Management
    Eyal Oren, Alexander Wahler, Bernhard Schreder, Aleksandar Balaban, Michal Zaremba, Maciej Zaremba

submitted by Holger Lausen, October 4th, 2004