HYPERTEXT-ExtProc 2014

Hypertext 2014 Extended Proceedings

Late-breaking Results, Doctoral Consortium and Workshop Proceedings of the 25th ACM Hypertext and Social Media Conference (Hypertext 2014)

Santiago, Chile, September 1-4, 2014.

Edited by

Federica Cena1
Altigran Soares da Silva2
Christoph Trattner3

1 Department of Computer Science, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy
2 Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM), Brazil
3 Know-Center, Graz University of Technology, Austria

The late-breaking Results, the Doctoral Consortium and the Workshop papers at the 25th ACM conference on Hypertext and Social Media deal with different exciting topics related to emerging areas of research, with the aim of discussing of best practices and innovative approaches.
Late-breaking results and Doctoral Consortium works focus on some key issues related to navigation strategies, social connectedness, distance and collaborative learning.
Finally, the three workshops present challenges, open issues and new perspectives related to Social Personalisation, Information Visualisation and Quantified Self and Personal Informatics technologies.

Contents at a Glance

Table of Contents

Hypertext 2014 Late-breaking Results

organized by Carlos Castillo and Jill Freyne

  1. Cognitive Economy Strategies Employed During Information Seeking in a Hypermedia Environment: a Qualitative Analysis
    Aurélie Brouwers
  2. Social connectedness online/offline. Needs of some vulnerable populations in a digital word. The homeless population case
    Luz M. Quiroga, Wayne Buente, Leonardo Piña

Hypertext 2014 Doctoral Consortium Papers

organized by Julita Vassileva and Martin Atzmueller

  1. A Pedagogical Agent with Embedded Data Mining Functions to Support Collaborative Writing
    Daniel Epstein, Eliseo Reategui
  2. Socio-affective Module for Recommender of Competency Learning Objects MSA-RECOACOMP: a Study in Development
    Walber Lins Pontes, Patricia Alejandra Behar, Magda Bercht

Hypertext Workshops

chaired by Federica Cena and Christoph Trattner

DataWiz2014: Data Visualisation Workshop

organized by Martina Deplano, André Panisson, Giancarlo Ruffo

  1. A Visualization Platform For Exploring Cooperation
    Remy Cazabet, Hideaki Takeda
  2. A Data Extraction and Visualization Framework for Information Retrieval Systems
     Alessandro Celestini, Antonio Di Marco, Giuseppe Totaro
  3. Visualizing criminal networks reconstructed from mobile phone records
    Emilio Ferrara, Pasquale De Meo, Salvatore Catanese, Giacomo Fiumara
  4. Towards Visual Overviews for Open Government Data
    Alvaro Graves, Javier Bustos-Jiménez
  5. Statistical Modeling by Gesture: A graphical, Browser-based Statistical Interface for Data Repositories
    James Honaker, Vito D'Orazio
  6. Colors of the street: color as an image visualization parameter of Twitter pictures from Brazil's 2013 protests
    Johanna I. Honorato, Lucas O. Cypriano, Fabio Goveia, Lia Carreira
  7. The Use of Modularity Algorithms as part of the Conceptualization of the Perspectival Form in Large Networks
    Lorena Regattieri, Jean Maicon Medeiros, Fabio Malini
  8. Visualization of Gaze Tracking Data for UX Testing on the Web
    Róbert Móro, Jakub Daráž, Mária Bieliková
  9. TweetViz: Following Twitter Hashtags to Support Storytelling
    Lorena Regattieri, Ryan Chartier, Jennifer Windsor, Geoffrey Rockwell
  10. MarcoCivil: Visualizing the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet in Brazil
    Lorena Regattieri, Fabio Malini, Fabio Goveia, Gabriel Herkenhoff
  11. Explorations in Media Visualization (invited talk)
    Everardo Reyes-Garcia
  12. Blind Browsing on Hand-Held Devices: Touching the Web...to Understand it Better
    Waseem Safi, Fabrice Maurel, Jean-Marc Routoure, Pierre Beust, Gaël Dias
  13. Constructing Narrative Visualizations as a Means of Increasing Learner Engagement
    Bilal Yousuf, Owen Conlan

Download the DataWiz 2014 proceedings in a single volume.

LinkQS 2014: Linking the Quantified Self Workshop

organized by Amon Rapp, Frank Hopfgartner, Till Plumbaum, Bob Kummerfeld, Judy Kay, Eelco Herder

  1. Ontologies for Quantified Self: a Semantic Approach
    Federica Cena, Silvia Likavec, Amon Rapp, Martina Deplano, Alessandro Marcengo
  2. The Email Analysis Framework: Aiding the Analysis of Personal Natural Language Texts
    Faisal Alquaddoomi, Cameron Ketcham, Deborah Estrin
  3. A Multilevel-Model Driven Social Network for Healthcare Information Exchange
    Timothy Wayne Cook, Luciana Tricai Cavalini

Download the LinkQS 2014 proceedings in a single volume.

SP 2014: Social Personalisation Workshop

organized by Peter Brusilovsky, Leandro Balby Marinho, Denis Parra, Eliana Scheihing, Christoph Trattner

  1. Recommending Items in Social Tagging Systems Using Tag and Time Informations
    Emanuel Lacic, Dominik Kowald, Paul Seitlinger, Christoph Trattner, Denis Parra
  2. Event Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks
    Augusto Q. de Macedo, Leandro B. Marinho
  3. Sentiment Visualisation Widgets for Exploratory Search
    Eduardo Graells-Garrido, Mounia Lalmas, Ricardo Baeza-Yates
  4. Personal Life Event Detection from Social Media
    Smitashree Choudhury, Harith Alani
  5. Improving Sparsity Problem in Group Recommendation
    Sarik Ghazarian, Nafiseh Shabib, Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh
  6. Towards Personalized Offers by Means of Life Event Detection on Social Media and Entity Matching
    Paulo Cavalin, Maíra Gatti, Claudio Pinhanez
  7. A User-Study on Context-aware Group Recommendation for Concerts
    Simen Fivelstad Smaaberg, Nafiseh Shabib, John Krogstie
  8. Voting Based Group Recommendation: How Users Vote
    Michal Kompan, Mária Bieliková
  9. Semantic Social Recommendations in Knowledge-Based Engineering
    Dirk Ahlers,  Mahsa Mehrpoor
  10. Visualizing Student Participation in a Collaborative Learning Environment
    Jordan Barría, Eliana Scheihing, Denis Parra
  11. Estimating users' areas of research by publications and profiles on social networks
    Petr Saloun, Adam Ondrejka, Ivan Zelinka
  12. What about Interpreting Features in Matrix Factorization-based Recommender Systems as Users?
    Marharyta Aleksandrova, Armelle Brun, Anne Boyer, Oleg Chertov

Download the SP 2014 proceedings in a single volume.

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