Russian Conference on Digital Libraries 2014

Selected Papers of XVI All-Russian Scientific Conference "Digital libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections"

Dubna, Russia, October 13-16, 2014

Edited by

Lidia Kalmykova *
Mikhail Kogalovsky **

* Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
** Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

RCDL is a Russian national conference so the most of the papers (80%) are in Russian.
Abstracts in English are provided for papers and are placed on the last pages of the papers.

Table of Contents


Storage, Integration and Analysis of Big Data

Semantic Web, Linked Open Data

Linguistic Resources

Metadata and Ontologies

Semantic Processing of Full-Text Resources

Research Support in Data Intensive Sciences

Person Identification in Texts

Methods and Models for Information Resources Search

User Modeling

Electronic Scientific Journals, Publication of Scientific Measuring Data

Similarity and Duplicate Discovery in Text Resources

Heterogeneous Information Resources Integration and Distributed Systems

Tools for Digital Libraries Development

Information Extraction From Tables

Ph.D. Workshop

The whole proceedings can also be downloaded as a single file (pdf).
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