I-ESA Workshops 2020
Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications Workshops 2020

Proceedings of Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications Workshops
co-located with 10th International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications (I-ESA 2020)

Tarbes, France, November 17-19, 2020.

Edited by

Martin Zelm *
Bob Young **
Guy Doumeingts *
Hedi Karray ***
Linda Elmhadbhi ***

* Interop-VLab, Brussels, Belgium
** University of Lougborough, Lougborough, UK
*** National School of Engineers of Tarbes, Tarbes, France

Table of Contents

Workshop 1: A Future Vision of Flexible Configurable Manufacturing in a Digitised World

Workshop 2: Smarter Interoperability with Federation and Artificial Intelligence

Workshop 3: Interoperability for Crisis Management: Increasing Organizational Resilience

Workshop 4: Interoperability for Maintenance

Workshop 5: Indutrial Ontologies Foundry (IOF) - Achieving Data Interoperability

Workshop 6: Zero Defect Manufacturing Platforms

Workshop 7: Digital Platform Ecosystems: From Interoperability to Federation

Workshop 8: Pathways Towards a Modelling and Architecture Language for Interoperable Cyber-Physical Systems

Workshop 9: Challenges of Enterprise Interoperability in Industry

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