AI-GEL 2023
Aritificial Intelligence in Support of Guided Experiential Learning (GEL) 2023

Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on AI to Support Guided Experiential Learning (AI-GEL 2023)

Co-located with the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2023)

Tokyo, Japan, July 07, 2023

Chaired, Organized and Edited by

Benjamin Goldberg *
Robby Robson **

* Adaptive and Intelligent Training Systems Team, Senior Scientist, U.S. Army DEVCOM Soldier Center - Simulation and Training Technology Center, USA
** Eduworks Corporation, Founder & Chief Science Officer, USA

Program Committee:
Mr. Kevin Owens, University of Texas-Austin
Dr. Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Andy Smith, North Carolina State University
Dr. Randall Spain, US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center
Dr. Anne Sinatra, US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center
Lisa Townsend, US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center
Dr. Scotty Craig, Arizona State University
Mr. Mike Hernandez, Helicon Chemical Company

Table of Contents

Short Papers

Regular Papers

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