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7th International Symposium
Towards Clean Diesel Engines
TCDE 2009

7th International Symposium
Towards Clean Diesel Engines
TCDE 2009
June 4-5, 2009 AGIT Technology Center, Aachen, Germany

Edited by

Christof Schulz

IVG, University of Duisburg-Essen

Table of Contents



    1. Invited lecture: Detailed analysis of mixture and combustion of Diesel jets by laser-induced fluorescence
      G. Bruneaux
    2. Studies of DI Diesel engine cold start combustion in an optical engine
      J.M. Desantes, J.V. Pastor, J.M García-Oliver, J.G. Ramírez-Hernández
    3. In-cylinder chemical species tomography for CI engines
      H. McCann, E.M. Cheadle, J.L. Davidson, K.B. Ozanyan, N. Terzija, P. Wright
    4. In-cylinder imaging diagnostics with highly efficient UV-transparent endoscopes
      C. Gessenhardt, R. Reichle, C. Pruss, W. Osten, C. Schulz
    5. Swiss Light Source VUV beamline, Imaging photoelectron photo-ion coincidence spectroscopy
      A. Bodi, M. Johnson, T. Gerber
    6. Studies of Ter-Butyl-Peroxy and Hexadiyne by dispersed fs-FWM methods
      G. Knopp, P. Radi, A. Bodi, M. Johnson, T. Gerber
    7. Invited lecture: Development and use of LES for Diesel engine CFD
      C.J. Rutland
    8. Evaluation of CI in-cylinder flow using optical and numerical techniques
      R. Rezaei, S. Pischinger, P. Adomeit, J. Ewald
    9. A dynamic PCCI combustion model for Diesel engine control design
      C. Felsch, K. Hoffmann, A. Vanegas, P. Drews, T. Albin, S. Abel, N. Peters
    10. Development of A clean Diesel combustion system by engine testing and CFD simulation
      J.Weber, G. Thuir, H. Schwab, S. Saeki, G. Kotnik, K. Wieser, P. Gutmann, P. Matthis
    11. Flamelet-generated manifold strategies in modeling of an igniting Diesel spray
      C. Bekdemir, L.M.T. Somers, L.P.H. de Goey
    12. Invited lecture: Is gasoline the best fuel for advanced diesel engines? Fuel effects in "premixed-enough" compression ignition (CI) engines
      G. Kalghatgi
    13. Detailed chemical kinetic modelling of aromatic Diesel fuel components
      R.P. Lindstedt, V. Markaki and R.K. Robinson
    14. Invited lecture: Potentials and challenges of tailor-made fuels from biomass
      S. Pischinger, M. Muether
    15. Biodiesel soot incandescence and NO emission studied in an optical engine
      R.J.H. Klein-Douwel, A.J. Donkerbroek, A.P. van Vliet, M.D. Boot, L.M.T. Somers, R.S.G. Baert, N.J. Dam, J.J. ter Meulen
    16. HCCI operation of an optically accessible Diesel engine fuelled with RME fuel
      E. Mancaruso, B.M. Vaglieco
    17. Soot reduction from the combustion of 30% rapeseed oil blend in a HSDI Diesel engine
      L. Labecki, L.C. Ganippa
    18. Invited lecture: Directly actuated piezo injector for advanced injection strategies towards cleaner diesel engines
      O. Kastner
    19. 3D-CFD in-nozzle flow simulation and separate row injection rate measurement as preparatory steps for a detailed analysis of multi-layer nozzles
      C. Menne, A. Janssen, M. Lamping, T. Körfer, H.-J. Laumen, M. Douch, R. Meisenberg
    20. Optical investigations of clustered Diesel jets under quiescent conditions
      M. Cardenas, P. Hottenbach, R. Kneer, G. Grünefeld


    1. Probing the heat during the PCCI beat: Determining PCCI engine temperatures using two-line thermometry
      J.R. Mannekutla, J.C.C.M. Huijben, A.J. Donkerbroek, A.P. van Vliet, L. Gerritsen, N.J. Dam, J.J. ter Meulen
    2. Simulation of primary breakup for Diesel spray with phase transition
      P. Zeng, B. Binninger, P. Peters, M. Herrmann
    3. Auto-ignition of aromatic and aliphatic Diesel fuel components: High-pressure shock-tube experiments and kinetic modeling for toluene and n-heptane
      M. Hartmann, I. Gushterova, R. Schießl, U. Maas, C. Schulz
    4. A cluster nozzle concept with high injection pressures for DI Diesel engine
      N. Peters, H. Won
    5. Degenerate and two-color resonant four-wave mixing of C2 in a molecular beam environment
      M. Tulei, P.P. Radi, G. Knopp, T. Gerber
    6. The large-engine research facility at PSI
      K. Hoyer, P. Dietrich, M. Dettwyler
    7. Recent developments in laser-induced incandescence (LII) for soot diagnostics in high-pressure laminar flames and engine-like Diesel combustion
      M. Hofmann, B. Kock, T. Dreier, C. Schulz
    8. Fuel formulation and mixing strategy for rate of heat release control with PCCI combustion
      R.P.C. Zegers, M. Yu, C.C.M. Luijten, N.J. Dam, R.S.G. Baert, L.P.H. de Goey
    9. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Injection Rate Shaping in a Small-Bore Direct-Injection Diesel Engine
      V. Luckhchoura, F. -X. Robert, N. Peters, M. Rottmann, S. Pischinger
    10. Simulation of Lifted Diesel Sprays using a newly developed Combined Level-set Flamelet Model
      S.Vogel, N.Peters
    11. Experimental Analysis of the effect of very early pilot injection on pollutant formation for a PCCI Diesel engine
      A. Vanegas, N. Peters

27-May-2009: submitted by C. Schulz
27-May-2009: published on CEUR-WS.org