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Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems - SSWS2009

Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2009), collocated with the 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2009), Washington DC, USA, October 26, 2009.

Edited by

Achille Fokoue *
Yuanbo Guo #
Thorsten Liebig %

* IBM Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York, USA
# Microsoft, Redmond, USA
% Ulm University, Ulm, Germany

Complete Workshop Proceedings

SSWS 2009 Proceedings (5MB)

Table of Contents

  1. Semantic Web Reasoning by Swarm Intelligence (p. 1-16)
    Kathrin Dentler, Christophe Gueret and Stefan Schlobach
  2. Efficient Linked-List RDF Indexing in Parliament (p. 17-32)
    Dave Kolas, Ian Emmons and Mike Dean
  3. BitMat: A Main Memory Bit-matrix of RDF Triples (p. 33-48)
    Medha Atre and James Hendler
  4. On-disk storage techniques for Semantic Web data - Are B-Trees always the optimal solution? (p. 49-64)
    Cathrin Weiss and Abraham Bernstein
  5. OneQL: An Ontology-based Architecture to Efficiently Query Resources on the Semantic Web (p. 65-80)
    Maria Esther Vidal, Tomas Lampo, Edna Ruckhaus, Javier Sierra and Amadis Martinez
  6. Scalable RDF Query Processing on Clusters and Supercomputers (p. 81-93)
    Jesse Weaver and Gregory Todd Williams
  7. 4store: The Design and Implementation of a Clustered RDF Store (p. 94-109)
    Steve Harris, Nicholas Lamb and Nigel Shadbol
  8. Efficient Reasoning on Large SHIN Aboxes in Relational Databases (p. 110-124)
    Julian Dolby, Achille Fokoue, Aditya Kalyanpur, Edith Schonberg and Kavitha Srinivas
  9. A Semantic Web Knowledge Base System that Supports Large Scale Data Integration (p. 125-140)
    Zhengxiang Pan, Yingjie Li and Jeff Heflin
  10. Representing and Integrating Light-weight Semantic Web Models in the Large (p. 141-156)
    Matteo Palmonari and Carlo Batini

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