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OWLED 2009
OWL: Experiences and Directions

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED 2009),
Chantilly, VA, United States, October 23-24, 2009.

Co-located with the 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), and the 3rd International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR2009)

Edited by

Rinke Hoekstra *
Peter F. Patel-Schneider #

* Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
# Bell Labs, United States

Table of Contents

    Long Papers

  1. Suggestions for OWL 3
    Pascal Hitzler.
  2. BestMap: Context-Aware SKOS Vocabulary Mappings in OWL 2
    Rinke Hoekstra.
  3. Mechanisms for Importing Modules
    Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler and Thomas Schneider.
  4. A Syntax for Rules in OWL 2
    Birte Glimm, Matthew Horridge, Bijan Parsia and Peter Patel-Schneider.
  5. PelletSpatial: A Hybrid RCC-8 and RDF/OWL Reasoning and Query Engine
    Markus Stocker and Evren Sirin.
  6. The OWL API: A Java API for Working with OWL 2 Ontologies
    Matthew Horridge and Sean Bechhofer.
  7. From Justifications to Proofs for Entailments in OWL
    Matthew Horridge, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler.
  8. A Solution for the Man-Man Problem in the Family History Knowledge Base
    Dmitry Tsarkov, Ulrike Sattler and Robert Stevens.
  9. Towards Integrity Constraints in OWL
    Evren Sirin and Jiao Tao.
  10. Processing OWL2 ontologies using Thea: An application of logic programming
    Vangelis Vassiliadis, Jan Wielemaker and Chris Mungall.
  11. Reasoning in Metamodeling Enabled Ontologies
    Nophadol Jekjantuk, Gerd Gröner and Jeff Z. Pan.
  12. Short Papers

  13. A Database Backend for OWL
    Jörg Henss, Joachim Kleb and Stephan Grimm.
  14. Unifying SysML and OWL
    Henson Graves.
  15. The OWLlink Protocol
    Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther and Olaf Noppens.
  16. A Reasoning Broker Framework for OWL
    Juergen Bock, Tuvshintur Tserendorj, Yongchun Xu, Jens Wissmann and Stephan Grimm.
  17. Change Representation For OWL 2 Ontologies
    Raul Palma, Peter Haase, Oscar Corcho and Asunción Gómez-Pérez.
  18. Practical Aspects of Query Rewriting for OWL 2
    Héctor Pérez-Urbina, Ian Horrocks and Boris Motik.
  19. CSage: Use of a Configurable Semantically Attributed Graph Editor as Framework for Editing and Visualization
    Lawrence Levin.
  20. A Conformance Test Suite for the OWL 2 RL/RDF Rules Language and the OWL 2 RDF-Based Semantics
    Michael Schneider and Kai Mainzer.
  21. Improving the Data Quality of Relational Databases using OBDA and OWL 2 QL
    Olivier Cure.
  22. Temporal Classes and OWL
    Natalya Keberle.
  23. Using Ontologies for Medical Image Retrieval - An Experiment
    Jasmin Opitz, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler.
  24. Task Representation and Retrieval in an Ontology-Guided Modelling System
    Yuan Ren, Jens Lemcke, Andreas Friesen, Tirdad Rahmani, Srdjan Zivkovic, Boris Gregorcic, Andreas Bartho, Yuting Zhao and Jeff Z. Pan.
  25. A platform for reasoning with OWL-EL knowledge bases in a Peer-to-Peer environment
    Alexander De Leon and Michel Dumontier.
  26. Axiomé: a Tool for the Elicitation and Management of SWRL Rules
    Saeed Hassanpour, Martin O'Connor and Amar Das.
  27. SQWRL: A Query Language for OWL
    Martin O'Connor and Amar Das.
  28. Classifying ELH Ontologies In SQL Databases
    Vincent Delaitre and Yevgeny Kazakov.
  29. A Semantic Web Approach to Represent and Retrieve Information in a Corporate Memory
    Ana B. Rios-Alvarado, R. Carolina Medina-Ramirez and Ricardo Marcelin-Jimenez.
  30. Towards a Graphical Notation for OWL 2
    Elisa Kendall, Roy Bell, Roger Burkhart, Mark Dutra and Evan Wallace.
  31. Demo/Position Papers

  32. Conjunctive Query Answering in Distributed Ontology Systems for Ontologies with Large OWL ABoxes
    Xueying Chen and Michel Dumontier.
  33. Node-Link and Containment Methods in Ontology Visualization
    Julia Dmitrieva and Fons J. Verbeek.
  34. A JC3IEDM OWL-DL Ontology
    Steven Wartik.
  35. Semantically Enabled Temporal Reasoning in a Virtual Observatory
    Patrick West, Eric Rozell, Stephan Zednik, Peter Fox and Deborah L. McGuinness.
  36. Developing an Ontology from the Application Up
    James Malone, Tomasz Adamusiak, Ele Holloway, Misha Kapushesky and Helen Parkinson.

16-Oct-2009: submitted by Rinke Hoekstra
16-Oct-2009: published on CEUR-WS.org