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CILC 2010
25th Italian Conference on Computational Logic

Proceedings of the 25th Italian Conference on Computational Logic

Rende, Italy, July 7-9, 2010.

Edited by

Wolfgang Faber
Nicola Leone

University of Calabria, Department of Mathematics, 87036 Rende, Italy

In addition to the 21 contributions below, the program of CILC2010 also features a presentation of the book "25 Years of Logic Programming in Italy" (Springer Verlag, LNCS 6125) by Agostino Dovier and Enrico Pontelli, invited talks by Gerhard Friedrich and Gerhard Brewka, and a tutorial by Axel Polleres.

Table of Contents

    Technical Session 1

  1. CLP-based Protein Fragment Assembly Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Federico Fogolari, Enrico Pontelli
  2. Runtime Addition of Integrity Constraints in SCIFF Marco Alberti, Marco Gavanelli, Evelina Lamma
  3. Autonomous Agents Coordination: Action Description Languages Meet CLP(FD) and Linda Agostino Dovier, Andrea Formisano, Enrico Pontelli
  4. Constraints among Commitments: Regulative Specification of Interaction Protocols Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Elisa Marengo
  5. Technical Session 2

  6. A Transformation Strategy for Verifying Logic Programs on Infinite Lists Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti, Valerio Senni
  7. Generalization Strategies for the Verification of Infinite State Systems Fabio Fioravanti, Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti, Valerio Senni
  8. Trattamento del Linguaggio Naturale Tramite Prolog: un Approccio Promettente per Generare Istituzioni Virtuali da Testi Scritti Michele Bozzano, Angela Locoro, Maurizio Martelli, Viviana Mascardi
  9. Technical Session 3

  10. Reasoning About Typicality in Preferential Description Logics: Preferential vs Rational Entailment Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti, Gian Luca Pozzato
  11. A Constructive Conditional Logic for Access Control Valerio Genovese, Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Gian Luca Pozzato
  12. Dual Tableau-based Decision Procedures for Some Relational Logics Domenico Cantone, Marianna Nicolosi Asmundo, Ewa Orłowska
  13. A Decision Procedure for a Two-sorted Extension of Multi-Level Syllogistic with the Cartesian Product and Some Map Constructs Domenico Cantone, Cristiano Longo, Marianna Nicolosi Asmundo
  14. Technical Session 4

  15. Optimized Encodings for Consistent Query Answering via ASP from Different Perspectives Marco Manna, Francesco Ricca, Giorgio Terracina
  16. Towards Translating Natural Language Sentences into ASP Stefania Costantini, Alessio Paolucci
  17. Parallel Instantiation in DLV Simona Perri, Francesco Ricca, Marco Sirianni
  18. Reasoning about Actions with Temporal Answer Sets Laura Giordano, Alberto Martelli, Daniele Theseider Dupré
  19. Technical Session 5

  20. An Extended Semantics for Logic Programs with Annotated Disjunctions and its Efficient Implementation Fabrizio Riguzzi, Terrance Swift
  21. Probabilistic Logic-Based Process Mining Elena Bellodi, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Evelina Lamma
  22. Technical Session 6

  23. Solving Weighted Argumentation Frameworks with Soft Constraints Stefano Bistarelli, Daniele Pirolandi, Francesco Santini
  24. Evoluzioni di Ontologie in Frame Logic Francesco Mele, Antonio Sorgente, Giuseppe Vettigli
  25. A Visual Interface for Drawing ASP Programs Onofrio Febbraro, Kristian Reale, Francesco Ricca
  26. Team-building with Answer Set Programming in the Gioia-Tauro Seaport Giovanni Grasso, Salvatore Iiritano, Vincenzino Lio, Francesco Ricca, Francesco Scalise

16-Jun-2010: submitted by Wolfgang Faber
17-Jun-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org