[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-613

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Uncertainty in Description Logics

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Uncertainty in Description Logics

Edinburgh, UK, July 20, 2010.

Edited by

Thomas Lukasiewicz *
Rafael Peñaloza **
Anni-Yasmin Turhan **

* Oxford University, UK
** TU Dresden, Germany

Table of Contents

    Invited Talk

  1. A Probabilistic Abduction Engine for Media Interpretation based on Ontologies (invited paper)
    Oliver Gries, Ralf Möller, Anahita Nafissi, Maurice Rosenfeld, Kamil Sokolski, Michael Wessel
  2. Session 1

  3. Relationships Between Probabilistic Description and First-Order Logics
    Pavel Klinov, Bijan Parsia
  4. Probabilistic Logic Encoding of Spatial Domains
    Paulo Santos, Fabio Cozman, Valquiria Fenelon Pereira, Britta Hummel
  5. Gibbs Sampling in Probabilistic Description Logics with Deterministic Dependencies
    Oliver Gries, Ralf Möller
  6. Towards Approximative Most Specific Concepts by Completion for EL with Subjective Probabilities
    Rafael Peñaloza, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
  7. Compatibility Formalization Between PR-OWL and OWL
    Rommel Carvalho, Kathryn Laskey, Paulo Costa
  8. Session 2

  9. Pronto: A Practical Probabilistic Description Logic Reasoner
    Pavel Klinov
  10. Using f-SHIN to Represent Objects: An Aid to Visual Grasping
    Nicola Vitucci, Mario Arrigoni Neri, Giuseppina Gini

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