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EKAW 2010 Posters and Demos

Proceedings of the EKAW2010 Poster and Demo Track

Lisbon, Portugal, October 11 - 15, 2010.

Edited by

Johanna Völker - Institut AIFB, Karlsruhe, Germany

Oscar Corcho - Ontology Engineering Group, Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial, Facultad de Informatica (UPM), Madrid, Spain

Table of Contents


  1. Automatic Support for Formative Ontology Evaluation
    Viktoria Pammer, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Chiara Ghidini, Marco Rospocher, Luciano Serafini
  2. Exploiting Redundancy for Pattern-based Relation Instantiation Using tOKo
    Viktor De Boer, Maarten van Someren, Bob Wielinga, Anjo Anjewierden
  3. Ontology-based Validation of Agent Oriented Modelling
    Alex Lopez-Lorca, Ghassan Beydoun, Leon Sterling, Tim Miller
  4. Automated Recommendation Rule Acquisition for Two-Way Interaction-based Social Network Web Sites
    Yang Sok Kim, Ashesh Mahidadia, Paul Compton, Alfred Krzywicki, Wayne Wobcke, Mike Bain, Xiongcai Cai
  5. A Study of Parallel Enumerative Structures for Ontology Building and Enrichment
    Mouna Kamel, Bernard Rothenburger
  6. MoKi: a Wiki-based Conceptual Modeling Tool
    Chiara Ghidini, Marco Rospocher, Luciano Serafini
  7. DBTropes - a Linked Data Wrapper Approach Incorporating Community Feedback
    Malte Kiesel, Gunnar Grimnes
  8. Evaluation of an Ontology Summarization Approach
    Ning Li, Enrico Motta, Mathieu D'Aquin, Zdenek Zdrahal
  9. Predicting the Quality of Semantic Relations by Applying Machine Learning Classifiers
    Miriam Fernandez, Marta Sabou, Peter Knoth, Enrico Motta
  10. Semi-automatic Multimedia Metadata Integration
    Samir Amir, Ioan Marius Bilasco, Taner Danisman, Thierry Urruty, Chabane Djeraba
  11. DAFOE: a Platform for Building Ontologies from Texts
    Sylvie Szulman, Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, Adeline Nazarenko, Henry Teguiak, Eric Sardet, Jean Charlet
  12. NEST: a Model for Detecting Weak Signals of Emerging Trends Using Global Monitoring Expert Network
    Seonho Kim
  13. OWL Based Formalisation of Geographic Databases Specifications
    Nathalie ABADIE, Ammar Mechouche, Sébastien Mustière
  14. An Ontological Approach to Integrating Task Representations in Sensor Networks
    Konrad Borowiecki, Alun Preece
  15. Associating Semantics to Multilingual Tags in Folksonomies
    Andrés García-Silva, Oscar Corcho, Jorge Gracia
  16. Evaluation of a Semantic-oriented Approach to Cross-lingual Ontology Mapping
    Bo Fu, Rob Brennan, Declan O'Sullivan
  17. Web-based Mass Argumentation in Natural Language
    Adam Wyner, Tom Van Engers
  18. Two-stage Service Representation & Reasoning: from Lightweight Annotations to Comprehensive Semantics
    Stefan Dietze, Neil Benn, Hong Qing Yu, Carlos Pedrinaci, Ronald Siebes, Dong Liu, John Domingue
  19. Rich Lexical Knowledge Based Q&A System for Ubiquitous Knowledge Service
    Asanee Kawtrakul, Mukda Suktarachan, Navapat Khantonthong, Aree Thunkijjanukij, Patrick Saint-Dizier
  20. SPARQL-based Detection of Anti-patterns in OWL Ontologies
    Oscar Corcho, Catherine Roussey, Ondrej Svab-Zamazal, Francois Scharffe
  21. OWL-based Reasoning Methods for Validating Archetyped Clinical Knowledge
    Marcos Menarguez-Tortosa, Jesualdo Tomas Fernandez-Breis
  22. A Formalism and Method for the Automated Synthesis of Executable Process Models from SME-authored Process Diagrams
    José Manuel Gómez-Pérez, Oscar Corcho, Michael Erdmann
  23. A Benchmark for Testing Instance-based Ontology Matching Methods
    Katrin Zaiss, Stefan Conrad, Sven Vater
  24. A Semantic Wiki for the Engineering of Diagnostic Guideline Knowledge
    Reinhard Hatko, Jochen Reutelshöfer, Joachim Baumeister, Frank Puppe
  25. Publishing Semantic Personal Notes as Linked Data
    Laura Dragan, Alexandre Passant, Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh
  26. Semion: A Smart Triplification Tool
    Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Aldo Gangemi, Valentina Presutti, Paolo Ciancarini
  27. Scientific and Technical Knowledge Capitalisation at IRSN
    Helmut Pitsch, Gérald Favre, Sylviane Bonnefous
  28. Representation and Inference of Privacy Risks Using Semantic Web Technologies
    Renata Vieira, Douglas da Silva, Tomas Sander, Alexandre Agustini, Caio Northfleet, Fernando Castilho, Mírian Bruckschen, Patricia Pizzinato, Paulo Bridi, Prasad Rao, Roger Granada
  29. Legal Compliance Support with an Ontology-based Information System
    Albert Meroño-Peñuela, Núria Casellas, Sergi Torralba, Mario Reyes, Pompeu Casanovas


  1. Risk Analysis and Prevention in Procedures: Extraction and Preliminary Results
    Patrick Saint-Dizier
  2. Text Titling Application
    Cédric Lopez, Violaine Prince, Mathieu Roche
  3. OntoWiki: a Semantic Data Wiki Enabling the Collaborative Creation and (Linked Data) Publication of RDF Knowledge Bases
    Sebastian Tramp, Philipp Frischmuth, Norman Heino
  4. Semantic Skin: from Flat Textual Content to Interconnected Repositories of Semantic Data
    Claudio Baldassarre
  5. Combining Terms and Named Entities for Modeling Domain Ontologies from Texts
    Nouha Omrane, Adeline Nazarenko, Sylvie Szulman
  6. KC-Viz: A Novel Approach to Visualizing and Navigating Ontologies
    Enrico Motta, Silvio Peroni, Ning Li, Mathieu D'Aquin

05-Nov-2010: submitted by Oscar Corcho
05-Nov: published on CEUR-WS.org