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Answer Set Programming
Advances in Theory and Implementation


Proceedings of the 2nd Intl. ASP'03 Workshop,
Messina, Italy, September 26 - 28, 2003

Edited by

Marina De Vos, University of Bath, mdv@cs.bath.ac.uk
Alessandro Provetti, University of Messina, ale@unime.it





Table of Contents

Best Paper Awards

These papers were voted for by the attendees of the workshop.


Outlier Detection Using Default Logic
Fabrizio Angiulli, Rachel Ben-Eliyahu - Zohary, Luigi Palopoli.

Suitable Graphs for Answer Set Programming
Thomas Linke

Translation of Aggregate Programs to Normal Logic Programs
Nikolay Pelov, Marc Denecker, Maurice Bruynooghe

Graphs and colorings for answer set programming: Preliminary Report
Kathrin Konczak, Torsten Schaub, Thomas Linke

Properties of maximal cliques of a pair-wise compatibility graph for three nonmonotonic reasoning system
Robert.E. Mercer, Vincent. Risch

Complexity of Answer Set Checking and Bounded Predicate Arities for Non-ground Answer Set Programming
Thomas Eiter, Wolfgang Faber, Michael Fink , Gerald Pfeifer , Stefan Woltran

Finitary Open Logic Program
Piero A. Bonatti

CR-Prolog with Ordered Disjunction
Marcello Balduccini, Veena Mellarkod

What's in a model? Epistemological analysis of Logic Programming
Marc Denecker

Parametric Connectives in Disjunctive Logic Programming
Nicola Leone, Simona Perri

Graphs and colorings for answer set programming: Abridged Report
Kathrin Konczak, Torsten Schaub, Thomas Linke

Eliminating Disjunction from Propositional Logic Programs under Stable Model Preservation
Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Hans Tompits, Stefan Woltran

Lukaszewicz-style Answer Set Programming: A Preliminary Report
J. P. Delgrande, M. Gharib, R. E. Mercer, V. Risch, T. Schaub

A Counter-Based Approach to Translating Normal Logic Programs into Sets of Clauses
Tomi Janhunen

Using Nested Logic Programs for Answer Set Programming
Thomas Linke

Integrating Semantic Web Reasoning and Answer Set Programming
Stijn Heymans, Dirk Vermeir


Using Criticalities as a Heuristics for Answer Set Programming
Orkunt Sabuncu, Ferda N. Alpaslan, Varol Akman

Implementing OCLP as a front-end for Answer Set Solvers: From Theory to Practice
Martin Brain, Marina De Vos

Answer Set Programming with Templates
Giovambattista Ianni, Giuseppe Ielpa, Adriana Pietramala, Maria Carmela Santoro

The A-Pol System
Mauricio Osorio, Enrique Corona

Computing Answer Sets of a Logic Program via-enumeration of SAT certificates
Yuliya Lierler, Marco Maratea

Aggregate Functions in DLV
Tina Dell'Armi, Wolfgang Faber, Giuseppe Ielpa, Nicola Leone, Gerald Pfeifer


New properties on the update operator \oplus
Mauricio Osorio, Fernando Zacarias

A Java Wrapper for DLV
Francesco Ricca

Mappings Between Domain Models in Answer Set Programming
Stefania Costantini, Andrea Formisano, Eugenio G.Omodeo

OntoDLP: a Logic Formalism for Knowledge Representation
F. Calimeri, S. Galizia, M Ruffolo, P.Rullo

Towards the use of Semantics Contents in ASP for planning and diagnistic in GIS
Mauricio Osorio, Claudia Zepeda

Modeling Hybrid Systems in Action Languages
Richard Watson, Sandeep Chintabathina


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