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Proceedings of the

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2003 International Workshop on
Description Logics (DL2003)

Rome, Italy
September 5-7, 2003

Edited by
Diego Calvanese(1), Giuseppe De Giacomo(1), Enrico Franconi(2)
(1) University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
(2) Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

Table of Contents


Invited Talks

Modeling Software
John Mylopoulos

E-Service Composition: Models and Formalisms
Richard Hull


Reducing OWL Entailment to Description Logic Satisfiability
I. Horrocks, P. F. Patel-Schneider

Index Selection for Embedded Control Applications using Description Logics
L. Stanchev, G. Weddell

Rule Based Computation of Updates to Terminologies
S. Modgil

Reasoning on UML Class Diagrams is EXPTIME-hard
D. Berardi, D. Calvanese, G. De Giacomo

e-Service Composition by Description Logics Based Reasoning
D. Berardi, D. Calvanese, G. De Giacomo, M. Lenzerini, M. Mecella

Incremental Query Answering for Implementing Document Retrieval Services
V. Haarslev, R. Möller

RDFS(FA): A DL-ised Sub-language of RDFS
J. Z. Pan, I. Horrocks

Rewriting Aggregate Queries using Description Logic
D. DeHaan, D. Toman, G. Weddell

Standard Reasoning Services

Restricted Role-value-maps in a Description Logic with Existential Restrictions and Terminological Cycles
F. Baader

Handling Boolean ABoxes
C. Areces, P. Blackburn, B. Martinez Hernandez, M. Marx

Subsumption of Concepts in FL0 for (Cyclic) Terminologies with Respect to Descriptive Semantics is PSPACE-complete
Y. Kazakov, H. de Nivelle

Non-standard Reasoning Services

Concept Abduction and Contraction in Description Logics
S. Colucci, T. Di Noia, E. Di Sciascio, F. Donini, M. Mongiello

Data Mining in Hybrid Languages via ILP
F. A. Lisi

Explanation of Terminological Reasoning: A Preliminary Report
S. Schlobach, R. Cornet

Reasoning about Concepts and Similarity
C. Lutz, F. Wolter, M. Zakharyaschev

Implementations and Systems

DL Reasoner vs. First-Order Prover
D. Tsarkov, I. Horrocks

Implementing Matching in ALE---First Results
S. Brandt

The DIG Description Logic Interface
S. Bechhofer, R. Möller, P. Crowther


Fixpoint Extensions of Temporal Description Logics
E. Franconi, D. Toman

Finite Model Reasoning in ALCQI is EXPTIME-complete
C. Lutz, U. Sattler, L. Tendera

E-connections of Description Logics
O. Kutz, C. Lutz, F. Wolter, M. Zakharyaschev


Applying Description Logic to Product Behavioral Design within Advanced CAD Systems
F. de Bertrand de Beuvron, A. Coulibaly

Computing Least Common Subsumers for FLE+
S. Brandt, A.-Y. Turhan

Reasoning about Nominals with FaCT and RACER
J. Hladik

Wine Agent: Semantic Web Testbed Application
E. Hsu, D. L. McGuinness

From Lexicon To Mammographic Ontology: Experiences and Lessons
B. Hu, S. Dasmahapatra, N. Shadbolt

Visualising a DL Knowledge Base with DeLogViz
B. Hu, N. Shadbolt

Comparing Natural Language Documents: a DL Based Approach
N. Karam, M. Schneider

Merging DAML+OIL Bio-ontologies
P. Lambrix, A. Edberg, C. Manis, H. Tan

On the Problems of Representing Least Common Subsumer and Computing Approximation in DLs
C. Le Duc, N. Le Thanh

Matchmaking Using an Instance Store: Some Preliminary Results
L. Li, I. Horrocks

Graphical Interfaces for Racer: Querying DAML+OIL and RDF Documents
R. Möller, R. Cornet, V. Haarslev

Detecting Inconsistencies between UML Models Using Description Logic
R. Van Der Straeten, J. Simmonds, T. Mens

Statements of Interest

Status Report on Description Logics related Project in Korea
S. Lim

Query Evaluation over Networks of Logic-based Mediators (Position Paper)
C. Meghini, Y. Tzitzikas

Distributed Search in the Semantic Web
U. Straccia

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