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SUI 2011
Supportive User Interfaces 2011

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Supportive User Interfaces: SUI 2011

Pisa, Italy, June 13, 2011.

Edited by

Alexandre Demeure *
Grzegorz Lehmann **
Mathieu Petit ***
Gaëlle Calvary ***

* University of Grenoble, INRIA, LIG, INRIA, 655 av. de l'Europe, 38334 St Ismier Cedex, France
** DAI-Labor, TU-Berlin, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany
*** University of Grenoble, CNRS, LIG, LIG, 385, av. de la bibliothèque, 38400 St Martin d'Hères, France

Table of Contents

    Session 1: Introduction

  1. Enhancing Interaction with Supplementary Supportive User Interfaces: Meta-UIs, Mega-UIs, Extra-UIs, Supra-UIs ... 5-6
    Alexandre Demeure, Grzegorz Lehmann, Mathieu Petit, Gaëlle Calvary
  2. Session 2: Selected papers

  3. Building Supportive Multimodal User Interfaces 8-12
    José Coelho, Carlos Duarte
  4. Opening the Box - Meta-level Interfaces Needs and Solutions 13-16
    Alan Dix
  5. A Classification of Self-Explanatory User Interfaces 17-20
    Maximilian Kern, Marco Blumendorf, Sahin Albayrak
  6. Supportive User Interfaces in Adaptation 21-23
    Víctor López-Jaquero, Francisco Montero
  7. A Supportive User Interface for Customization of Graphical-to-Vocal Adaptation 24-27
    Fabio Paternò, Christian Sisti
  8. Design and Implementation of Meta User Interfaces for Interaction in Smart Environments 28-31
    Dirk Roscher, Grzegorz Lehmann, Marco Blumendorf, Sahin Albayrak
  9. The End-user vs. Adaptive User Interfaces 32-36
    Veit Schwartze, Frank Trollmann, Sahin Albayrak
  10. A Classification for Supportive User Interfaces Derived from Collaborative User Interfaces 37-39
    Carsten Wirth, Sahin Albayrak
  11. Appendix

  12. SUI 2011 Workshop Summary Poster 41
    Alexandre Demeure, Grzegorz Lehmann, Mathieu Petit, Gaëlle Calvary
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