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OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop 2012

Proceedings of OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop 2012

Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 27-28, 2012

Edited by

Pavel Klinov *
Matthew Horridge **

* University of Ulm, Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Ulm, Germany
** Stanford University, Bio-Medical Informatics Research Group, Stanford, USA

Table of Contents

Technical Papers

  1. Divide et Impera: Metareasoning for Large Ontologies
    Dmitry Tsarkov, Ignazio Palmisano
  2. Incrementally Updateable and Persistent Decomposition of OWL Ontologies
    Pavel Klinov, Chiara Del Vescovo, Thomas Schneider
  3. Mining Ontologies for Analogy Questions: A Similarity-based Approach
    Tahani Alsubait, Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler
  4. Several Required OWL Features for Indigenous Knowledge Management Systems
    Ronell Alberts, Thomas Fogwill, Maria Keet
  5. Optimizations for the Role-Depth Bounded Least Common Subsumer in EL+
    Andreas Ecke, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
  6. Integrating OWL and Rules: A Syntax Proposal for Nominal Schemas
    David Carral Martínez, Adila Alfa Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler
  7. Classifying Chemicals Using Description Graphs and Logic Programming
    Despoina Magka, Boris Motik, Ian Horrocks
  8. Common Modelling Slips in SKOS Vocabularies
    Nor Azlinayati Abdul Manaf, Sean Bechhofer, Robert Stevens
  9. Development of a Complex Ontology of Optics
    Dmitry Mouromtsev
  10. An Integrated Method Using Conceptual Modelling to Generate an Ontology-based Query Mechanism
    Ronell Alberts, Enrico Franconi
  11. Analysing Syntactic Regularities in Ontologies
    Eleni Mikroyannidi, Nor Azlinayati Abdul Manaf, Luigi Iannone, Robert Stevens
  12. Formalizing Business Process Using Hybrid Programs
    Suman Roy, Wlodek Drabent
  13. Molecular Symmetry and Specialization of Atomic Connectivity by Class-based Reasoning of Chemical Structure
    Michel Dumontier
  14. SWRL-IQ: A Prolog-based Query Tool for OWL and SWRL
    Daniel Elenius

System Description Papers

  1. Quest, an OWL 2 QL Reasoner for Ontology-based Data Access
    Mariano Rodriguez-Muro, Diego Calvanese
  2. A Pair of OWL 2 RL Reasoners
    Martin O'Connor, Amar Das
  3. A Land Use Identification and Visualization Tool Driven by OWL Ontologies
    Jorge Gomes, Nuno Montenegro, Paulo Urbano, José Duarte
  4. Using OWL Ontologies for Selective Waste Sorting and Recycling
    Arnab Sinha, Paul Couderc
  5. Lung Cancer Assistant: an Ontology-Driven, Online Decision Support Prototype
    Berkan Sesen, Rene Banares-Alcantara, John Fox, Timor Kadir, J. Michael Brady
  6. Ecco: A Hybrid Diff Tool for OWL 2 ontologies
    Rafael S. Gonçalves, Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler
  7. The HOBO Hybrid Modelling Framework
    Colin Puleston and Bijan Parsia
  8. GRID-DL - Semantic GRID Information Service
    Olexandr Pospishnyi, Sergii Stirenko
  9. Graphical Schema Editing for Stardog OWL/RDF Databases using OWLGrEd/S
    Karlis Cerans, Guntis Barzdins, Renars Liepins, Julija Ovcinnikova, Sergejs Rikacovs, Arturs Sprogis
  10. Getting the Best from Two Worlds: Converting Between OBO and OWL Formats
    Vicky Dritsou, Elvira Mitraka, Pantelis Topalis, Christos Louis
  11. Semanticizing Syntactic Patterns in NLP Processing Using SPARQL-DL Queries
    Nicola Vitucci, Mario Arrigoni Neri, Roberto Tedesco, Giuseppina Gini

Statements of Interest

  1. How to Contract Ontologies
    Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Evgeny Kharlamov, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov
  2. Inconsistency Tolerance in OWL 2 QL Knowledge and Action Bases
    Diego Calvanese, Evgeny Kharlamov, Marco Montali, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov

24-May-2012: submitted by Pavel Klinov
25-May-2012: published on CEUR-WS.org