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CAiSE Forum 2012

Proceedings of the CAiSE'12 Forum at the 24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE)

Gdańsk, Poland, June 28, 2012.

Edited by

Marite Kirikova *
Janis Stirna **

* Riga Technical University, Department of System Theory and Design, Riga, Latvia
** Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Science, Stockholm, Sweden

Table of Contents

  1. A Model Transformation from Misuse Cases to Secure Tropos 7-14
    Naved Ahmed, Raimundas Matulevicius, Haralambos Mouratidis
  2. An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Relating Security Requirements and Access Control 15-22
    Azadeh Alebrahim, Thein Than Tun, Yijun Yu, Maritta Heisel, Bashar Nuseibeh
  3. Support for Deviation Detections in the Context of Multi-Viewpoint-Based Development Processes 23-31
    Reda Bendraou, Marcos Aurélio Almeida da Silva, Marie-Pierre Gervais, Xavier Blanc
  4. SDWM: An Enhanced Spatial Data Warehouse Metamodel 32-39
    Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Robson do Nascimento Fidalgo
  5. Risk Identification of Tailorable Context-aware Systems: a Case Study and Lessons Learned 40-49
    Mohammad Zarifi Eslami, Brahmananda Sapkota, Alireza Zarghami, Eelco Vriezekolk, Marten van Sinderen, Roel Wieringa
  6. Social Forking in Open Source Software: An Empirical Study 50-57
    Kam Hay Fung, Aybüke Aurum, David Tang
  7. ProMetheuS: A Suite for Process Mining Applications 58-65
    Lucantonio Ghionna, Luigi Granata, Gianluigi Greco, Massimo Guarascio
  8. Virtual Worlds as a Model-View Approach to the Communication of Business Processes Models 66-73
    Hanwen Guo, Ross Brown, Rune Rasmussen
  9. On Applying Sonification Methods to Convey Business Process Data 74-81
    Tobias Hildebrandt, Simone Kriglstein, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
  10. Toward a Conceptual Comparison Framework between CBSE and SOSE 82-89
    Anthony Hock-koon, Mourad Oussalah
  11. A UML-based Rich Service Description Language for Automatic Service Discovery of Heterogeneous Service Partners 90-97
    Zille Huma, Christian Gerth, Gregor Engels, Oliver Juwig
  12. AMES: Towards an Agile Method for ERP Selection 98-105
    Gustaf Juell-Skielse, Anders G. Nilsson, Andreas Nordqvist, Mattias Westergren
  13. Facilitating Business Improvement by Information Systems using Model Transformation and Metrics 106-113
    Haruhiko Kaiya, Shunsuke Morita, Kenji Kaijiri, Shinpei Hayashi, Motoshi Saeki
  14. Transforming Transaction Models into ArchiMate 114-121
    Sybren de Kinderen, Khaled Gaaloul, Henderik Alex (Erik) Proper
  15. Quality Management Modeling of Business Processes in IS Project 122-130
    Michał Kuciapski
  16. Suitability of Active Rules for Model Transformation 131-138
    Lingzhe Liu, Manfred A. Jeusfeld
  17. Enterprise Modelling in Distributed Teams-Lessons Learned from Information Demand Modelling 139-146
    Magnus Lundqvist, Kurt Sandkuhl, Ulf Seigerroth
  18. VariaMos: a Tool for Product Line Driven Systems Engineering with a Constraint Based Approach 147-154
    Raul Mazo, Camille Salinesi, Daniel Diaz
  19. Modelling Security Requirements in Socio-Technical Systems with STS-Tool 155-162
    Elda Paja, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Mauro Poggianella, Pierluigi Roberti, Paolo Giorgini
  20. LiProMo-Literate Process Modeling 163-170
    Jakob Pinggera, Thomas Porcham, Stefan Zugal, Barbara Weber
  21. Workflow Partitioning for Offline Distributed Execution on Mobile Devices 171-178
    Peter Wakholi, Weiqin Chen
  22. Towards a Formal Process-driven Framework for Streamlining Patient-centric Care 179-186
    Wen Yao, Akhil Kumar, Jerome Rolia, Sujoy Basu, Sharad Singhal

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