[CEUR Workshop Proceedings ISSN 1613-0073] Vol-89

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Practical and Scalable Semantic Systems

Proceedings of the
First International Workshop on
Practical and Scalable Semantic Systems

Sanibel Island, Florida, USA
October 20, 2003

Edited by

Raphael Volz
Stefan Decker
Isabel Cruz

Table of Contents

  1. 3store: Efficient Bulk RDF Storage
    Stephen Harris and Nicholas Gibbins
  2. Application-Specific Schema Design for Storing Large RDF Datasets
    Luping Ding, Kevin Wilkinson, Craig Sayers and Harumi Kuno
  3. Prolog-based Infrastructure for RDF: Scalability and Performance
    Jan Wielemaker, Guus Schreiber and Bob Wielinga
  4. Scalable Ontology Implementation Based On knOWLer
    Iulian Ciorascu, Claudia Ciorascu and Kilian Stoffel
  5. Inferencing and Truth Maintenance in RDF Schema
    Jeen Broekstra and Arjohn Kampman
  6. Extending Classical Theorem Proving for the Semantic Web
    Tanel Tammet
  7. Representing Contextualized Data using Semantic Web Tools
    Robert MacGregor and In-Young Ko
  8. DLDB: Extending Relational Databases to Support Semantic Web Queries
    Zhengxiang Pan and Jeff Heflin
  9. Towards a benchmark of the ODE API methods for accessing ontologies In the WebODE platform
    Oscar Corcho, Raul Garcia-Castro, Asuncion Gomez-Perez
  10. Incremental Maintenance of dynamic Datalog programs
    Raphael Volz, Steffen Staab and Boris Motik

Submitted by Raphael Volz on November 11, 2003.