[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-149

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ubiPCMM 2005:
Personalized Context Modeling and Management for UbiComp Applications

Proceedings of the First Internaltional Workshop on
Personalized Context Modeling and Management for UbiComp Applications

Tokyo, Japan, September 11, 2005.

Edited by

Heedong Ko 1
Antonio Krüger 2
Sang-Goog Lee 3
Woontack Woo 4

1) KIST, Seoul 136-791, Korea
2) University of Münster , Münster, Germany
3) SAIT, Gyeonggi-Do 449-712, Korea
4) GIST U-VR Lab., Gwangju 500-712, Korea,

Table of Contents

  1. Modeling of Context-based Interaction Pattern
    Sangchul Ahn, Donghoon Kang, and Heedong Ko
  2. Evaluation of Contextual Models
    Kurt Partridge, James "Bo" Begole, Victoria Bellotti
  3. User-centric Integration of Contexts for A Unified Context-aware Application Model
    Yoosoo Oh, Sangho Lee, and Woontack Woo
  4. Context-Aware Computing System for Heterogeneous Applications
    Yoshinori Isoda, Shoji Kurakake, and Kazuo Imai
  5. Unified User-Centric Context: Who, Where, When, What, How and Why
    Seiie Jang, Eun-Jung Ko, and Woontack Woo
  6. xLink: Context Management Solution for Commodity Ubiquitous Computing Environments
    Sajid H. Sadi and Pattie Maes
  7. A Dynamic Context Conflict Resolution Scheme for Group-aware Ubiquitous Computing Environments
    Insuk Park, Kyungmin Lee, Dongman Lee, Soon J. Hyun, and Hee Yong Yoon
  8. Conflict Management for Media Services by exploiting Service Profile and User Preference
    Choonsung Shin, Daeho Han, and Woontack Woo
  9. A Service Control Method Using Semantic Constraint on Context Interpretation
    Jun Maeda, Masaaki Takase, and Mitsuaki Kakemizu
  10. Group Context-aware Service Discovery for Supporting Continuous Service Availability
    Saehoon Kang, Woohyun Kim, Dongman Lee, and Younghee Lee
  11. Context-based User Profile Management for Personalized Services
    Youngjung Suh, Dongoh Kang and Woontack Woo
  12. Rupture detection for context aware applications
    Gaelle Loosli, Sang-Goog Lee, and Stephane Canu
  13. Personalized Information Retrieval Framework
    Dongpyo Hong, Yun-Kyung Park, Jeongwon Lee, Vladimir Shin, and Woontack Woo
  14. Implementation of personalized situation-aware service
    Tack-Don Han, Hyung-Min Yoon, Seong-Hun Jeong, and Bum-Seok Kang
  15. An Outdoor Recommendation System based on User Location History
    Yuichiro Takeuchi and Masanori Sugimoto
  16. Ontology based Service Discovery Middleware for Heterogeneous Agent Platforms
    Sejung Oh, Juryon Paik, Heeyong Youn,and Ungmo Kim
  17. Experiences with Developing Context-Aware Applications with Augmented Artefacts
    Fahim Kawsar, Kaori Fujinami, and Tatsuo Nakajima
  18. Ubiquitous Smart Interaction Space
    Sangchul Ahn, Donghoon Kang, Hyoung-gon Kim, and Heedong Ko
  19. Context Awareness R&D at SAIT Interaction Lab (presentation)
    Sang-Goog Lee

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