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Software Engineering
Answer Set Programming


Proceedings of the First International SEA'07 Workshop,
Tempe, Arizona, USA, 14th May 2007

Co-located event with the Ninth International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning (LPNMR 2007), Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Edited by

Marina De Vos, University of Bath, mdv@cs.bath.ac.uk
Torsten Schaub, University of Potsdam, torsten@cs.uni-potsdam.de




Table of Contents

ASP Language Forum

Comments on Modeling Languages for Answer-Set Programming
Miroslaw Truszczynski (University of Kentucky)

Intermediate Languages of ASP Solvers and Tools
Tomi Janhunen (Helsinki University of Technology)

What should an ASP Solver output? A Multiple Position Paper
Martin Brain (University of Bath), Wolfgang Faber (University of Calabria), Marco Maratea (University of Genova), Axel Polleres (National University of Ireland), Torsten Schaub (University of Potsdam), Roman Schindlauer (University of Calabria,Technical University Vienna)

Research Papers

Modules and Signature Declarations for A-Prolog: Progress Report
Marcello Balduccini (Texas Tech University)

Visual Querying and Application Programming Interface for an ASP-based Ontology Language
Lorenzo Galucci (University of Calabria), Francesco Ricca (University of Calabria)

"That is Illogical Captain!" -- The Debugging Support Tool spock for Answer-Set Programs: System Description
Martin Brain (University of Bath), Martin Gebser (University of Potsdam), Jorg Puhrer (Technical University Vienna), Torsten Schaub (University of Potsdam), Hans Tompits (Technical University Vienna), Stefan Woltran (Technical University Vienna)

An integrated graphic tool for developing and testing DLV programs
S. Perri (University of Calabria), F. Ricca (University of Calabria), G. Terracina (University of Calabria), D. Cianni (University of Calabria), P. Veltri (University of Calabria)

APE: An AnsProlog* Environment
Adrian Sureshkumar (University of Bath), Marina De Vos (University of Bath), Martin Brain (University of Bath), John Fitch (University of Bath)

Planning for Biochemical Pathways: A Case Study of Answer Set Planning in Large Planning Problem Instances
Tran Cao Son (New Mexico State University), Enrico Pontelli (New Mexico State University)

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