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Graphics Interface 2010 Poster Session

Proceedings of the Graphics Interface Poster Session (GI 2010)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 31 - Jun 2, 2010.

Edited by

Won-Sook Lee (Chair)
Mauricio Vines

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Engineering, School of Information Technology and Engineering, Ottawa, Canada

Table of Contents

    Graphics Posters

  1. Oil Painting Rendering Changeable by Light Effects 2-3
    Sungkuk Chun, Keechul Jung
  2. Statistical Fluid Flow Synthesis 4-5
    Mauricio Vines, Won-Sook Lee
  3. A Hybrid Image-Based Method to Generate Sketching Portrait 6-7
    Ling Xu, David Mould
  4. Modeling Human Motion and Contact with Gaussian Processes 8-9
    Olivier Rémillard, Paul Kry
  5. Deriving a 3D Femur from Multiple Radiographs 10-11
    Gabriel Telles O'Neill, Won-Sook Lee
  6. Learning Control Policies for Virtual Grasping Applications 12-14
    Sheldon Andrews, Paul Kry, Doina Precup
  7. Real-time Seismic Wave Modeling and Visualization 15-16
    Aaron Maynard, Minglun Gong
  8. Human Computer Interface Posters

  9. Ambient and Artistic Visualization of Residential Resource Use 17-19
    Johnny Rodgers, Lyn Bartram
  10. Target Pointing in 3D User Interfaces 20-21
    Robert J. Teather, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  11. Two New Mobile Touchscreen Text Entry Techniques 22-23
    Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Mauricio H. Lopez, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  12. Coordination Policies for Tabletop Gaming 24-25
    Joey A. Pape, T.C. Nicholas Graham
  13. WidgetLens: Interaction Through The Looking Glass 26-27
    Bhavna Agarwal, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  14. Vibration Perception in Mobile Contexts 28-29
    Idin Karuei, Zoltan Foster-Fisher, Sebastian Koch, Russ MacKenzie, Mohamed El-Zohairy, Karon E. MacLean
  15. Effects of Latency Jitter and Dropouts in Pointing Tasks 30-32
    Andriy Pavlovych, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
  16. Design of a Perceptual-based Object Group Selection Technique 33-34
    Hoda Dehmeshki, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

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31-May-2010: submitted by Mauricio Vines
31-May-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org