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SemWeb 2010
Workshop on Semantic Web and New Technologies

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Semantic Web and New Technologies (SemWeb2010),

Puebla, Mexico, July 1-2, 2010.

Edited by

María J. Somodevilla-García *
Darnes Vilariño-Ayala *
David E. Pinto-Avendaño *

* Faculty of Computer Science, BUAP, 14 sur and Av. San Claudio, CU, CP. 72570, Puebla, Mexico

Table of Contents

    Full Papers

  1. Ambiguous Place Names on the Web (Invited Paper) 1-7
    Davide Buscaldi
  2. SV: a Visualization Mechanism for Ontologies of Records Based on SVG Graphics 8-12
    Ma. Auxilio Medina, Miriam Cruz, Rebeca Rodríguez, Argelia B. Urbina
  3. Modeling of CSCW System with Ontologies 13-23
    Mario Anzures-García, Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez, Miguel J. Hornos, Patricia Paderewski-Rodríguez, Antonio Cid
  4. The Use of WAP Technology in Question Answering 24-36
    Fernando Zacarías, Alberto Tellez, Marco Antonio Balderas, Guillermo De Ita, Barbara Sánchez
  5. Data Warehouse Development to Identify Regions with High Rates of Cancer Incidence in Mexico through a Spatial Data Mining Clustering Task 37-47
    Joaquin Pérez, María del Rocío Boone, María J. Somodevilla, Mariam Viridiana Meléndez
  6. Short Papers

  7. An Approach of Crawlers for Semantic Web Application 48-56
    José Manuel Pérez, Luis Enrique Colmenares
  8. Decryption Through the Likelihood of Frequency of Letters 57-62
    Barbara Sánchez, Fernando Zacarías, Mauricio Luna, Marco Antonio Martínez

20-Dec-2010: submitted by María J. Somodevilla-García
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