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SCAKD 2011
Soft Computing Applications and Knowledge Discovery 2011

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Soft Computing Applications and Knowledge Discovery (SCAKD 2011)

In conjunction with the Fourth International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence - PReMI 2011

Moscow, Russia, June 25, 2011.

Edited by

Alexey N. Averkin 1
Dmitry I. Ignatov 2
Sushmita Mitra 3
Jonas Poelmans 4
Valery B. Tarasov 5

1Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Fuzzy Sets Department, Moscow, Russia
2NRU Higher School of Economics, School of Applied Mathematics and Information Science, Moscow, Russia
3Indian Statistical Institute, Machine Intelligence Unit, Kolkata, India
4Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculty of Business and Economics, Leuven, Belgium
5Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Table of Contents

  1. A New Method of DDB Logical Structure Synthesis Using Distributed TabuSearch 1-11
    Eduard Babkin, Margarita Karpunina
  2. Service Centers Finding by Fuzzy Antibases of Fuzzy Graph 12-22
    Leonid Bershtein, Alexander Bozhenyuk, Igor Rosenberg
  3. Forecasting the U.S. Stock Market via Levenberg-Marquardt and Herman Haken Artificial Neural Networks Using ICA&PCA Pre-Processing Techniques 23-29
    Sergey Golovachev
  4. Estimating Probability of Failure of a Complex System Based on Partial Information about Subsystems and Components, with Potential Applications to Aircraft Maintenance 30-41
    Christelle Jacob, Didier Dubois, Janette Cardoso, Martine Ceberio, Vladik Kreinovich
  5. Stepwise Feature Selection Using Multiple Kernel Learning 42-47
    Vilen Jumutc
  6. Empirical Reconstruction of Fuzzy Model of Experiment in the Euclidean Netric 48-50
    Tatiana Kopit
  7. SVM Based Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Character Recognition 51-62
    Munish Kumar, M. K. Jindal, R. K. Sharma
  8. Obtaining of a Minimal Polygonal Representation of a Curve by Means of a Fuzzy Clustering 63-71
    Alexander Lepskiy
  9. KDDClus: A Simple Method for Multi-Density Clustering 72-76
    Sushmita Mitra, Jay Nandy
  10. Intelligent Data Mining for Turbo-Generator Predictive Maintenance: An Approachin Real-World 72-76
    Alexandre Pellicel, Goncalo Cassio, Marco Aurelio Lopes, Luiz Eduardo Borges Da Silva, Erik Bonaldi, Levy Ely Lacerda De Oliveira, Jonas Borges Da Silva, Germano Lambert-Torres, Pierre Rodrigues
  11. Fuzzy Predicting Models in "Structure - Property" Problem 89-93
    Eugeny Prokhorov, Ludmila Ponomareva, Eugeny Permyakov, Mikhail Kumskov
  12. Handwritten Script Identification from a Bi-Script Document at Line Level using Gabor Filters 94-101
    Ganapatsingh Rajput, Anita H. B.
  13. Image Recognition Using Kullback-Leibler Information Discrimination 102-112
    Andrey Savchenko
  14. Beyond Analytical Modeling, Gathering Data to Predict Real Agents' Strategic Interaction 113-124
    Rustam Tagiew
  15. Construction of Enzyme Network of Arabidopsis Thaliana Using Graph Theory 125-134
    Kasthuribai Viswanathan, Nita Parekh

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