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Databases, Texts, Specifications, Objects 2013

Proceedings of the Dateso 2013 Annual International Workshop on
DAtabases, TExts, Specifications and Objects

Pisek, Czech Republic, April 17, 2013.

Edited by

Vaclav Snasel *
Karel Richta #, +
Jaroslav Pokorny #

* Amphora Research Group, Department of Computer Science, FEECS, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
# Department of Software Engineering, MFF, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
+ Department of Computer Science and Engineering, FEE, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Table of Contents

    Full papers

  1. On Estimation of the Spatial Clustering: Case Study of Epidemiological Data In Olomouc Region, Czech Republic 1-12
    Lukas Marek, Vit Paszto, Jiri Dvorsky, Pavel Tucek
  2. Towards a Runtime Code Update in Java 13-25
    Marcel Hlopko, Jan Kurs, Jan Vrany
  3. Are Shape Metrics Useful for a Geocomputation? CORINE Land-Cover Analysis Case Study 26-35
    Vit Paszto, Lukas Marek, Pavel Tucek
  4. QuickXDB: A Prototype of a Native XML DBMS 36-47
    Petr Lukas, Radim Baca, Michal Kratky
  5. Efficient In-memory Data Structures for n-grams Indexing 48-58
    Daniel Robenek, Jan Platos, Vaclav Snasel
  6. P System Based Model of Passenger Flow in Public Transportation Systems: a Case Study of Prague Metro 59-69
    Zbynek Janoska, Jiri Dvorsky
  7. How Can Formalization of SOA Help in Finding Solutions for IT Systems 70-79
    Zdenek Skrivanek, Karel Richta
  8. Short Papers

  9. Comparative Summarization via Latent Dirichlet Allocation 80-86
    Michal Campr, Karel Jezek
  10. Using Retinex and SVD Algorithms for Detection of Frayed Edge in Steel Plate 87-97
    Michal Holis, Martin Placek, Jiri Dvorsky, Jan Martinovic, Pavel Moravec
  11. Application of Relative Derivation Terms by Polynomial Neural Networks 98-108
    Ladislav Zjavka
  12. Evolution of Co-Authors Communities Formed by Terms on DBLP 109-118
    Alisa Babskova, Pavla Drazdilova, Jan Martinovic, Vaclav Svaton, Vaclav Snasel
  13. A Linguistic Method into Stemming of Arabic for Data Compression 119-128
    Hussein Soori, Jan Platos, Vaclav Snasel
  14. Searching Time Series Based On Pattern Extraction Using Dynamic Time Warping 129-138
    Tomas Kocyan, Jan Martinovic, Pavla Drazdilova, Katerina Slaninova
  15. On Updating in XML Peer-to-Peer Databases 139-148
    Adam Senk, Michal Valenta

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09-May-2013: submitted by Vaclav Snasel, Pavel Moravec
11-May-2013: published on CEUR-WS.org