[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-1004

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RuleML@ChallengeEnriched 2013
Rule Challenge, Human Language Technology and Doctoral Consortium @ RuleML 2013

Joint Proceedings of the 7th International Rule Challenge, the Special Track on Human Language Technology and the 3rd RuleML Doctoral Consortium

hosted at the 8th International Symposium on Rules (RuleML2013)

Seattle, USA, July 11 -13, 2013.

Edited by

Paul Fodor *
Dumitru Roman **
Darko Anicic ***
Adam Wyner ****
Monica Palmirani *****
Davide Sottara ******
François Lévy *******

* State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
** SINTEF, Norway
*** FZI / KIT, Germany
**** University of Aberdeen, UK
***** CIRSFID-University of Bologna, Italy
****** Arizona State University, USA
******* LIPN, Univ. Paris 13, France

Table of Contents

    Part 1: RuleML2013@Doctoral Consortium

    Doctoral Consortium Papers

  1. Proposal for Using NLP Interchange Format for Question Answering in Organizations
    Majid Latifi
  2. Process Representation Using Transaction Logic
    Reza Basseda
  3. First Approaches on Knowledge Representation of Elementary (Patent) Pragmatics
    Shashishekar Ramakrishna

  4. Part 2: RuleML2013@Challenge

    Invited Demo Papers

  5. RAWE: An Editor for Rule Markup of Legal Texts
    Monica Palmirani, Luca Cervone, Octavian Bujor, Marco Chiappetta
  6. Challenge Demo Papers

  7. R-CoRe: A Rule-based Contextual Reasoning Platform for AmI
    Assaad Moawad, Antonis Bikakis, Patrice Caire, Grégory Nain, Yves Le Traon
  8. Interpreting Regulations with SBVR
    Elie Abi-Lahoud, Tom Butler, Donald Chapin, John Hall
  9. Graph-based Editor for SWRL Rule Bases
    Jaroslaw Bak, Maciej Nowak, Czesław Jędrzejek
  10. Advanced Knowledge Base Debugging for Rulelog
    Carl Andersen, Brett Benyo, Miguel Calejo, Mike Dean, Paul Fodory, Benjamin N. Grosofz, Michael Kifery, Senlin Liangy, Terrance Swiftx
  11. Knowledge-based Highly-specialized Terrorist Event Extraction
    Jakub Dutkiewicz, Czesław Jędrzejek, Jolanta Cybulka, Maciej Falkowski
  12. SBVR as a Semantic Hub for Integration of Heterogeneous Systems
    Ling Shi, Dumitru Roman, Arne J. Berre
  13. Grailog KS Viz:A Grailog Visualizer for Datalog RuleML Using an XSLT Translator to SVG
    Martin Koch, Sven Schmidt, Harold Boley, Rainer Herpers
  14. Importation Closure that is Robust to Circular Dependencies
    Tara Athan
  15. Transforming Association Rules to Business Rules: EasyMiner meets Drools
    Stanislav Vojíuř, Tomáš Kliegr, Andrej Hazucha, Radek Škrabal, Milan Šimůnek
  16. Part 3: RuleML2013@Human Language Technology

    Human Language Technology Papers

  17. Constructing Controlled English for Both Human Usage and Machine Processing
    Ping Xue, Steve Poteet, Anne Kao, David Mott, Dave Braines
  18. RECON - A Controlled English for Business Rules
    Ed Barkmeyer, Fabian Neuhaus
  19. A Study on Translating Regulatory Rules from Natural Language to Defeasible Logics
    Adam Wyner, Guido Governatori
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