[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-106

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Contributions to the

Doctoral Programme

of the

Second International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR 2004)

Cork, Cork County, Ireland
04 July - 08 July, 2004

Edited by: Ulrike Sattler, University of Manchester, UK

Table of Contents


Uniform variable splitting Roger Antonsen

Adding Equivalence Classes to Stalmarck's Method in First Order Logic Magnus Björk

Super Solutions in Constraint Programming Emmanuel Hebrard

A Superposition View on Nelson-Oppen Thomas Hillenbrand

A Tableau System for the Description Logic SHIO Jan Hladik

A Resolution Decision Procedure for the Guarded Fragment with Transitive Guards Yevgeny Kazakov

Proof Reuse for Program Verification Calculi Vladmir Klebanov

Reasoning with large numbers of individuals moves on: extending the instance store Lei Li

An implementation of a tableau theorem prover for modal logics Zhen Li

Model Checking Using Tabled Rewriting Zhiyao Liang

Intelligent Theorem Proving for Specific Domains Paulo J. Matos

Understanding Higher Order Unification via Explicit Substitutions and Patterns Flavio L.C. de Moura

Reasoning Support for OWL-E Jeff Pan

DPLL-based Procedure for Equality Logic with Uninterpreted Functions Olga Tveretin

Semantic Knowledge Partitioning Christoph Wernhard

Dr.Doodle: A Diagrammatic Theorem Prover Daniel Winterstein

submitted to CEUR-WS by Ulrike Sattler, July 23, 2004