[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-1097

STIDS 2013
Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security

Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security

Fairfax VA, USA, November 12-15, 2013.

Edited by

Kathryn Blackmond Laskey *
Ian Emmons **
Paulo C. G. Costa *

* George Mason University, Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, Fairfax VA, USA
** Raytheon BBN Technologies, Arlington VA, USA

Table of Contents

Technical Papers

  1. Context Correlation Using Probabilistic Semantics 2-9
    Setareh Rafatirad, Kathryn Laskey, Paulo Costa
  2. A Reference Architecture for Probabilistic Ontology Development 10-17
    Richard Haberlin, Paulo Costa, Kathryn Laskey
  3. Focused Belief Measures for Uncertainty Quantification in High Performance Semantic Analysis 18-24
    Cliff Joslyn, Jesse Weaver
  4. Recognizing and Countering Biases in Intelligence Analysis with TIACRITIS 25-32
    Gheorghe Tecuci, David Schum, Dorin Marcu, Mihai Boicu
  5. IAO-Intel: An Ontology of Information Artifacts in the Intelligence Domain 33-40
    Barry Smith, Tatiana Malyuta, Ron Rudnicki, William Mandrick, David Salmen, Peter Morosoff, Danielle K. Duff, James Schoening, Kesny Parent
  6. Managing Semantic Big Data for Intelligence 41-47
    Anne-Claire Boury-Brisset
  7. Context as a Cognitive Process: An Integrative Framework for Supporting Decision Making 48-55
    Wayne Zachary, Andrew Rosoff, Lynn Miller, Stephen Read
  8. Towards a Context-Aware Proactive Decision Support Framework 56-62
    Benjamin Newsom, Ranjeev Mittu, Ciara Sibley, Myriam Abramson
  9. Dynamic Data Relevance Estimation by Exploring Models (D2REEM) 63-70
    H. Van Dyke Parunak
  10. Data Analytics to Detect Evolving Money Laundering 71-78
    Murad Mehmet, Duminda Wijesekera
  11. Extraction of Semantic Activities from Twitter Data 79-86
    Aleksey Panasyuk, Erik Blasch, Sue E. Kase, Liz Bowman
  12. Situational Awareness from Social Media 87-93
    Brian Ulicny, Jakub Moskal, Mieczyslaw M. Kokar
  13. Towards a Cognitive System for Decision Support in Cyber Operations 94-100
    Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere, Lowell Vizenor, Wen Zhu, Randall Dipert
  14. Using a Semantic Approach to Cyber Impact Assessment 101-108
    Alexandre de Barros Barreto, Paulo Cesar G Costa, Edgar Toshiro Yano
  15. Analyzing Military Intelligence Using Interactive Semantic Queries 109-116
    Rod Moten
  16. Sketches, Views and Pattern-Based Reasoning 117-124
    Ralph L. Wojtowicz
  17. An Ontological Inference Driven Interactive Voice Recognition System 125-132
    Mohammad Ababneh, Duminda Wijesekera
  18. Fast Semantic Attribute-Role-Based Access Control (ARBAC) 133-140
    Leo Obrst, Dru McCandless, David Ferrell
  19. Supporting Evacuation Missions with Ontology-Based SPARQL Federation 141-148
    Audun Stolpe, Jonas Halvorsen, Bjørn Jervell Hansen
  20. Navigation Assistance Framework for Emergencies 149-156
    Paul Ngo, Duminda Wijesekera

Position Papers

  1. Big Data for Combating Cyber Attacks 158-161
    Terry Janssen, Nancy Grady
  2. Hierarchical Decision Making 162-165
    Matthew Lewis
  3. Towards Context-Aware, Real Time and Autonomous Decision Making Using Information Aggregation and Network Analytics 166-169
    Prithiviraj Dasgupta, Sanjukta Bhowmick
  4. Need for Community of Interest for Context in Applied Decision Making 170-172
    Peter S. Morosoff

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