[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-214

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Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces 2006

Proceedings of the MoDELS'06 Workshop on Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces

Genova, Italy, October 2, 2006.

Edited by

Andreas Pleuss 1
Jan Van den Bergh 2
Heinrich Hussmann 1
Stefan Sauer 3
Alexander Boedcher 4

1 University of Munich, Germany
2 Hasselt University, Belgium
3 University of Paderborn, Germany
4 University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Table of Contents

  1. A Model-Driven Approach to the Engineering of Multiple User Interfaces
    Goetz Botterweck
  2. Open Issues for the development of 3D Multimodal Applications from an MDE perspective
    Joan De Boeck, Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Karin Coninx, Jean Vanderdonckt
  3. Dynamic Generation of Context-Adaptive Web User Interfaces through Model Interpretation
    Steffen Lohmann, Wolfgang Kaltz, Juergen Ziegler
  4. Using Domain-Specific Languages in the Design of HMIs: Experiences and Lessons Learned
    Carsten Bock, Daniel Görlich
  5. Model-based Generation of Interactive Digital TV Applications
    Fabio Paternò, Sandro Sansone
  6. Model-Driven Development of Digital Libraries: Generating the User Interface
    Alessio Malizia, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara
  7. GuiBuilder - A Tool for Model-Driven Development of Multimedia User Interfaces
    Stefan Sauer, Marcus Dürksen, Alexander Gebel, Dennis Hannwacker
  8. Multi-paradigm modelling and synthesis of user interfaces
    Hans Vangheluwe, Denis Dube
  9. Event-based Synchronization of Model-Based Multimodal User Interfaces
    Marco Blumendorf, Sebastian Feuerstack, Sahin Albayrak
  10. Metamodel-based definition of interaction with visual environments
    Paolo Bottoni, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara
  11. Using HCI-Patterns with Model-based Generation of Advanced User-Interfaces
    Robert Rathsack, Andreas Wolff, Peter Forbrig
  12. Mapping Model: A First Step to Ensure Usability for sustaining User Interface Plasticity
    Jean-Sebastien Sottet, Gaelle Calvary, Jean-Marie Favre

submitted by J. Van den Bergh, 9-Nov-2006
published on CEUR-WS.org, 13-Nov-2006