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SAMT 2006
1st International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies
Poster and Demo Proceedings

Poster and Demo Proceedings of the
1st International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies

Athens, Greece, December 6-8, 2006

Edited by

Yannis Avrithis 1
Yiannis Kompatsiaris 2
Steffen Staab 3
Noel E. O'Connor 4

1 Image, Video and Multimedia Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
2 Multimedia Knowledge Group, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Center for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
3 ISWeb, Information Systems and Semantic Web, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
4 Center for Digital Video Processing, Dublin City University, Ireland

Front Matter

Table of Contents

    Late-breaking Results

  1. Mind The Gap - Requirements for the Combination of Content and Knowledge
    T. Bürger, R. Westenthaler
  2. Indexing Camera Motion Integrating Knowledge of the Quality of the Encoded Video
    P. Krämer, J. Denois-Pineau, M. Gràcia Pla
  3. 3D Shape Annotation and Retrieval Using Ontology
    Q.-H. Bui, M.-N. Phuong
    This paper has been removed from SAMT 2006 poster and demo proceedings list due to plagiarism.
  4. A Spatial Algebra for Multimedia Document Adaptation
    S. Laborie, J. Euzenat, N. Layaïda
  5. Imaging Words - Wording Image
    A. Popescu, G. Grefenstette, C. Millet, P.-A. Möellic, P. Hède
  6. Cepstral Polynomial Regression For Sequential Detection of Impulsive Waveform in Video Sound-Track
    C. Hory, W. J. Christmas, A. Kokaram
  7. Semantic Human 3D Shapes Annotation for Animation
    F. Dellas, L. Moccozet, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, G. Patanè, M. Mortara, M. Spagnuolo, B. Falcidieno
  8. Living with the Semantic Gap: Experiences and Remedies in the Context of Medical Imaging
    Y. Kalfoglou, S. Dasmahapatra, D. Dupplaw, B. Hu, P. Lewis, N. Shadbolt
  9. Combining Color with Spatial and Temporal Position of the Endoscopic Capsule for Improved Topographic Classification and Segmentation
    M. Coimbra, J. Kustra, P. Campos, J. P. Silva Cunha
  10. Exploiting Spatial Variability for Disparity Estimation
    M. Trujillo, E. Izquierdo
  11. Using Context and a Genetic Algorithm for Knowledge Assisted Image Analysis
    S. Dasiopoulou, G. Th. Papadopoulos, Ph. Milonas, Y. Avrithis, Y. Kompatsiaris
  12. A Multimodal Approach to Bridge the Music Semantic Gap
    Ò. Celma, P. Herrera, X. Serra
  13. Semantically Exposing Existing Knowledge Repositories: A Case Study in Cultural Heritage
    D. Pitzalis, P. Sinclair, C. Lahanier, M. Addis, R. Lowe, S. Hafeez, P. Lewis, K. Martinez, M. C Schraefel, R. Pillay, G. Aitken, A. Russell, D. A. Smith
  14. Uncertainty Extensions to Ontologies as a Tool for Semantic Interpretation in Audiovisual Systems
    P. Smrz, M. Vacura, O. Šváb
  15. Extensibility of Adaptation Capabilities in the CAIN Content Adaptation Engine
    J. Molina, J. M. Martínez, V. Valdés, F. López
  16. Using Local Region Semantics for Concept Detection in Video
    E. Spyrou, G. Koumoulos, Y. Avrithis, S. Kollias
  17. The Design of Intelligence for the Management of Personal Multimedia Content
    P. Charlton, J. Teh
  18. Evaluation of a Video Annotation Tool Based on the LSCOM Ontology
    E. Garnaud, A. F. Smeaton, M. Koskela
  19. Connecting Foundational Ontologies with MPEG-7 Ontologies for Multimodal QA
    M. Romanelli, D. Sonntag, N. Reithinger
  20. Rule-based Reasoning for Semantic Image Segmentation and Interpretation
    P. Berka, T. Athanasiadis, Y. Avrithis


  21. A Framework and User Interface for Automatic Region Based Segmentation Algorithms
    K. Mc Guinness, G. Keenan, T. Adamek, N. O’Connor
  22. Automatic Text Searching For Personal Photos
    N. O’Hare, Hyowon Lee, S. Cooray, C. Gurrin, G.J.F. Jones, J. Malobabic, N. E. O’Connor, A. F. Smeaton, B. Uscilowski
  23. Squiggle: a Semantic Search Engine at work
    I. Celino, A. Turati, E. Della Valle, D. Cerizza
  24. MediaMill: Video Search using a Thesaurus of 500 Machine Learned Concepts
    C. G. M. Snoek, M. Worring, B. Huurnink, J. C. van Gemert, K. E. A. van de Sande, D. C. Koelma, and O. de Rooij


  25. IP-Racine metadata integration in the digital cinema workflow
    J. Blat, B. Michel, W. Haas, and the IP-Racine consortium
  26. PATExpert:Semantic Processing of Patent Documentation
    L. Wanner, S. Brügmann, B. Diallo, M. Giereth, Y. Kompatsiaris, E. Pianta, G. Rao, P. Schoester, V. Zervaki
  27. EU-IST Project Live: Live Staging of Media Events
    J. Köhler, R. Wages, C. Mac Williams, H. Fischer
  28. SALERO - Semantic Audiovisual Entertainment Reusable Objects
    W. Haas, G. Thallinger, P. Cano, C. Cullen, T. Bürger
  29. PHAROS – Platform For Search of Audiovisual Resources Across Online Spaces
    S. Debald, W. Nejdl, F. S. Nucci, R. Paiu, and M. Plu
  30. Multimedia Content Processing and Retrieval in the REVEAL THIS setting
    S. Piperidis, H. Papageorgiou, K. Pastra, T. Netousek, E. Gaussier, T. Tuytelaars, F. Crestani, F. Bodson, C. Mellor
  31. Overview of the PENG project
    G. Pasi, G. Bordogna
  32. X-Media: Large Scale Knowledge Acquisition,Sharing and Reuse across-Media
    F. Ciravegna, S. Staab
  33. AIM@SHAPE: Research Advantages and Future Contributions
    B. Falcidieno, M. Spagnuolo, M. Pitikakis, G. Vasilakis, A. Garcia-Rojas, L. Papaleo
  34. Personal Navigation in the World of News
    N. Sarris, P. Villegas, M. Pinkerneil, J. Spangenberg, J. Picault
  35. An Approach to Self-Annotating Content
    A. Matellanes, F. Snijder, B. Schmidt-Belz
  36. Knowledge Space of Semantic Inference for Automatic Annotation and retrieval of Multimedia Content – K-Space
    C. Stewart, E.Izquierdo
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