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Design and Management 
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Proceedings of the 3rd Intl. Workshop DMDW'2001, Interlaken, Switzerland, June 4, 2001.

Edited by

Dimitri Theodoratos, Natl. Techn. Univ. of  Athens, KDBSL, Iroon Polytechniou 9, 157 73 Athens, Greece
Joachim Hammer, University of Florida, CISE, Box 116125, Gainesville, FL 32611-6125, USA
Manfred A. Jeusfeld, Tilburg University, Infolab, Postbus 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands
Martin Staudt, Swiss Life, Corporate IT Coordination, P.O. Box, 8022 Zurich, Switzerland

DMDW'2001 was held in conjunction with the 13th Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'01).
A hard copy of these proceedings is available as Swiss Life Technical Report on demand. See here for the program of DMDW'2001.


Table of Contents

  1. An ISO 9001:2000 Compliant Quality Management System for Data Integration in Data Warehouse Systems (1.1 - 1.12)
    H. Hinrichs, T. Aden

  2. Towards Data Warehouse Quality Metrics (2.1 - 2.8)
    C. Calero, M. Piattini, C. Pascual, M. Serrano

  3. Improving Data Cleaning Quality Using a Data Lineage Facility (3.1 - 3.13)
    H. Galhardas, D. Florescu, D. Shasha, E. Simon, C. Saita

  4. Understanding Analysis Dimensions in a Multidimensional Object-Oriented Model (4.1 - 4.9)
    A. Abello, J. Samos, F. Saltor

  5. MAC: Conceptual data modeling for OLAP (5.1 - 5.11)
    A. Tsois, N. Karayiannidis, T. Sellis

  6. An Analysis of Many-to-Many Relationships Between Fact and Dimension Tables in Dimensional Modeling (6.1 - 6.13)
    I. Song, B. Rowan, C. Medsker, E. Ewen

  7. Logical Multidimensional Database Design for Ragged and Unbalanced Aggregation (7.1 - 7.8)
    T. Niemi, J. Nummenmaa, P. Thanisch

  8. Meta Cube-X: An XML  Metadata Foundation for Interoperability Search among Web Data Warehouses (8.1 - 8.8)
    N. Thanh Binh, A M. Tjoa, O. Mangisengi

  9. A Data Warehouse Architecture for Meteo Swiss: An Experience Report (9.1 - 9.6)
    C. Haeberli, D. Tombros

  10. SISYPHUS: A Chunk-Based Storage Manager for OLAP Cubes (10.1 - 10.12)
    N. Karayannidis, T. Sellis

  11. HINTA: A Linearization Algorithm for Physical Clustering of Complex OLAP Hierarchies (11.1 - 11.11)
    R. Pieringer, V. Markl, F. Ramsak, R. Bayer

  12. On Estimating the Cardinality of Aggregate Views (12.1 - 12.10)
    P. Ciaccia, M. Golfarelli, S. Rizzi

submitted to CEUR-WS by M. Staudt, June, 29, 2001