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Grundlagen von Datenbanken 2010

Proceedings of the 22nd Workshop "Grundlagen von Datenbanken 2010"

Bad Helmstedt, Germany, May 25-28, 2010.

Edited by

Wolf-Tilo Balke *
Christoph Lofi *

* Institute for Information Systems, Technische Universität Braunschweig, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany

Table of Contents

Keynote Speakers

  1. Surviving the Glut: The Management of Event Streams in Cyberphysical Systems
    Alejandro Buchmann
  2. The Database as a Service
    Alfons Kemper
  3. Preference Handling in Database Systems - Achievements and Challenges
    Werner Kießling

Session 1: Database Design & Modeling

  1. Subspace Clustering with Gravitation
    Jiwu Zhao
  2. Aspektorientierte Datenhaltung – ein Modellierungsparadigma
    Matthias Liebisch
  3. Delegation von Datenmanagement in Szenarien verteilter Verantwortlichkeiten
    Ralph Stuber

Session 2: Query Processing & Optimization

  1. Cost-Based Optimization of Regular Path Queries on Large Graphs
    André Koschmieder
  2. Nutzung von Proxys zur Ergänzung von Datenbankfunktionen
    Alexander Adam, Sebastian Leuoth, Wolfgang Benn
  3. Query Processing and Optimization using Compiler Tools
    Caetano Sauer, Karsten Schmidt, Theo Härder

Session 3: Knowledge Extraction & Data Integration

  1. Exploiting Social Ties for Search and Recommendation in Online Social Networks - Challenges and Chances
    Kerstin Bischoff
  2. Towards an Update-Enabled Mediator System using Semantic Web Technology
    Stefan Haun, Sandro Schulze, Andreas Nürnberger
  3. Recommendation-Based Evolvement of Dynamic Schemata in Semistructured Information Systems
    Eva Zangerle, Wolfgang Gassler

Session 4: Business Processes & Workflows

  1. Home Care Support from the Database Point of View
    Dortje Löper, Andre Peters, Andreas Heuer
  2. Entwurf und Transformationskonzepte für flexible klinische Workflow Modelle
    Robert Kühn, Markus Bandt, Sebastian Schick, Ilvio Bruder, Andreas Heuer, Peter Forbrig
  3. Quality of Service in Dynamic Business Process supporting Event-based Systems
    Stefan Appel, Kai Sachs, Alejandro Buchmann

Session 5: Personalization

  1. Group Preferences in Social Network Services
    Florian Wenzel, Werner Kießling
  2. Eliciting Inductive User Preferences for Multimedia Information Retrieval
    David Zellhoefer
  3. Preference Trade-Offs – Towards Manageable Skylines
    Christoph Lofi, Wolf-Tilo Balke

Session 6: Data Quality

  1. Skalierbare Datenqualität in anwendungsspezifischen Szenarien
    Matthias Virgin, Tobias Umblia, Andreas Heuer
  2. Self-Adaptive Data Quality Web Services
    Tobias Vogel
  3. Quality Assessment in Digital Libraries - Challenges and Chances
    Sascha Tönnies, Wolf-Tilo Balke

Session 7: Energy-Aware Computing

  1. Towards an Energy-Consumption Based Complexity Classification for Resource Substitution Strategies
    Hagen Hoepfner, Christian Bunse
  2. True Energy-efficient Data Processing is Only Gained by Energy-proportional DBMSs
    Volker Hudlet

Session 8: Distributed Systems

  1. Challenges in Workload Analyses for Column and Row Storess
    Andreas Lübcke
  2. Wissensextraktion im Rahmen des Grids
    Steffen Metzger

06-May-2010: submitted by Wolf-Tilo Balke
10-May-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org