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The 3rd Canadian Semantic Web Symposium

Proceedings of the 3rd Canadian Semantic Web Symposium (CSWS2011)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 5, 2011

Edited by

Christopher J. O. Baker *
Helen Chen **
Ebrahim Bagheri ***
Weichang Du ****

* University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB, Canada, Department of Computer Science & Applied Statistics
** University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, School of Public Health and Health Systems
*** Athabasca University, School of Computing and Information Systems
**** University of New Brunswick, NB, Canada, Faculty of Computer Science

Table of Contents

    Full Paper

  1. The Social Semantic Subweb of Virtual Patient Support Groups 1-18
    Harold Boley, Omair Shafiq, Derek Smith, Taylor Osmun
  2. Leveraging SADI Semantic Web Services to Exploit Fish Ecotoxicology Data 19-33
    Matthew M. Hindle, Alexandre Riazanov, Edward S. Goudreau, Christopher J. Martyniuk, Christopher J. O. Baker
  3. Short Paper

  4. Towards Evaluating the Impact of Semantic Support for Curating the Fungus Scientic Literature 34-39
    Marie-Jean Meurs, Caitlin Murphy, Nona Naderi, Ingo Morgenstern, Carolina Cantu, Shary Semarjit, Greg Butler, Justin Powlowski, Adrian Tsang, René Witte
  5. Ontology based Text Mining of Concept Definitions in Biomedical Literature 40-45
    Saeed Hassanpour, Amar K. Das
  6. Social and Semantic Computing in Support of Citizen Science 46-51
    Joel Sachs, Tim Finin
  7. Unresolved Issues in Ontology Learning 52-57
    Amal Zouaq, Dragan Gaševic, Marek Hatala
  8. Poster

  9. Towards Integration of Semantically Enabled Service Families in the Cloud 58-69
    Marko Boškovic, Ebrahim Bagheri, Georg Grossmann, Dragan Gaševic, Markus Stumptner
  10. SADI for GMOD: Semantic Web Services for Model Organism Databases 70-75
    Ben Vandervalk, Michel Dumontier, E Luke McCarthy, Mark D Wilkinson
  11. An Ontological Approach for Querying Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems 76-88
    Atif Khan, John A. Doucette, Robin Cohen

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6-Sep-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org