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STIDS 2012
Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security

Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security

Fairfax, VA, USA, October 23-26, 2012.

Edited by

Paulo C. G. Costa *
Kathryn B. Laskey *

* George Mason University, Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, Fairfax, VA, USA

Table of Contents

    Technical Papers

  1. Ontological Considerations for Uncertainty Propagation in High Level Information Fusion 12-19
    Mark Locher, Paulo Costa
  2. Using Ontologies in a Cognitive-Grounded System: Automatic Action Recognition in Video-Surveillance 20-27
    Alessandro Oltramari, Christian Lebiere
  3. Best-practice Time Point Ontology for Event Calculus-based Temporal Reasoning 28-34
    Robert Schrag
  4. Constellation: A Prototype ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registry 35-40
    Gramm Richardson, Elli Schwarz
  5. Rapid Argumentation Capture from Analysis Reports: The Case Study of Aum Shinrikyo 41-48
    Mihai Boicu, Gheorghe Tecuci, Dorin Marcu
  6. Developing an Ontology of the Cyber Security Domain 49-56
    Leo Obrst, Penny Chase, Richard Markeloff
  7. A Policy-Based Dialogue System for Physical Access Control 57-63
    Mohammad Ababneh, Duminda Wijesekera, James Bret Michael
  8. A Semantic Approach to Evaluate the Impact of Cyber Actions to the Physical Domain 64-71
    Alexandre Barreto, Paulo Costa, Edgar Yano
  9. D2RCrime: A Tool for Helping to Publish Crime Reports on the Web from Relational Data 72-79
    Julio Tavares, Vasco Furtado, Henrique Santos, Eurico Vasconcelos
  10. The Why Agent: Enhancing User Trust in Automation through Explanation Dialog 80-87
    Rob Cole, Jim Jacobs, Michael Hirsch, Robert L. Sedlmeyer
  11. The URREF Ontology for Semantic Wide Area Motion Imagery Exploitation 88-95
    Erik Blasch, Paulo Costa, Kathryn Laskey, Haibin Ling, Genshe Chen
  12. Intrinsically Resilient Energy Control Systems 96-103
    Frederick Sheldon, Jingshan Huang, Jiangbo Dang, Daniel Fetzer, Stuart Goose, Jonathan Kirsch, David Manz, Thomas Morris, Dong Wei
  13. Exploiting Inference to Improve Temporal RDF Annotations and Queries for Machine Reading 104-111
    Robert Schrag
  14. Horizontal Integration of Warfighter Intelligence Data: A Shared Semantic Resource for the Intelligence Community 112-119
    Barry Smith, Tatiana Malyuta, William Mandrick, Chia Fu, Kesny Parent, Milan Patel

    Position Papers

  1. Study of MEBN Learning for Relational Model 121-124
    Cheol Young Park, Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, Paulo Costa, Shou Matsumoto
  2. Social Sifter: An Agent-Based Recommender System to Mine the Social Web 125-128
    M. Omar Nachawati, Rasheed Rabbi, Genong (Eugene) Yu, Larry Kerschberg, Alexander Brodsky

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