[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-1038

Unstructured Information Management Architecture

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA@GSCL 2013),
co-located with the International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (GSCL 2013)

Darmstadt, Germany, September 23, 2013.

Edited by

Peter Kluegl *
Richard Eckart de Castilho **
Katrin Tomanek ***

* University of Würzburg, Department for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science, 97074 Würzburg, Germany
** TU Darmstadt, FB 20, Hochschulstraße 10, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
*** Averbis GmbH, Tennenbacher Straße 11, 79106 Freiburg, Germany

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