[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-256

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The Fourth Spring Young Researchers Colloquium on Databases and Information Systems

Proceedings of the SYRCODIS*07 Colloquium on
Databases and Information Systems

Moscow, Russia, May 31 - June 1, 2007

Edited by

Sergei Kuznetsov *
Andrey Fomichev *
Boris Novikov +
Dmitry Shaporenkov +

* Moscow State University, Russia
+ University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Table of Contents

Invited Talks

  1. Astronomical Databases Challenges
    Oleg Bartunov (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University / PostgreSQL Global Development Group)

Sponsor Talks

  1. Clustered Storage
    Dmitry Tkachev (Isilon Systems)

Full Research Papers

  1. Association Rules Discovery in Multivariate Time Series
    Elena Lutsiv
  2. An XML-to-Relational User-Driven Mapping Strategy Based on Similarity and Adaptivity
    Irena Mlynkova

Short Research Papers

  1. VP-tree: Content-Based Image Indexing
    Il'ya Markov
  2. Performance Evaluation of Transaction Handling Policies on Real-Time DBMS Prototype
    Alexander Zharkov
  3. Temporal Preprocessor: Towards Temporal Applications Development
    Boris Kostenko
  4. XML Support in PostgreSQL
    Nikolay Samokhvalov
  5. Recommender system based on user-generated content
    Denis Turdakov
  6. A Method for Evaluating Full-text Search Queries in Native XML Databases
    Roman Pastukhov
  7. Concept Lattice Reduction by Singular Value Decomposition
    Vaclav Snasel, Martin Polovincak and Hussam M. Dahwa
  8. XML Query Algera for Cost-based Optimization
    Maxim Lukichev and Dmitry Barashev
  9. Data Warehouse Evolution Framework
    Darja Solodovnikova
  10. Geometrical approach for modeling semantics in linguistics
    Milan Gudaba, Stanislav Horal, Ladislav Izakovic, Michaela Kalinova and Vaclav Snasel

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