[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-43

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Multimedia Data and Document Engineering

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Multimedia Data and
Document Engineering

Lyon, France, July 4 2001.

Edited by

Mohand-Said Hacid

 University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, LISI, 8, bvd. Niels Bohr, 69622 Villeurbanne - France

Table of Contents


1. Time and Space Efficient Content Queries for Video Databases                                                    

      C. Makris, K. Perdikuri, S. Sioutas, A. Tsakalidis and K. Tsichlas

2. Querying Framework Documentation                                                                                                                      

     M. Sansano, M. Godoy, J. Cappi and G. Rossi                                                          

3. POQLmm : A Query Language for Structured Multimedia Documents                                                             

      A.  Henrich and G. Robbert

4.  A Database Approach for the Document Data Modeling: Application to the Medical Surveys    

      M. Ouziri and C. Verdier

5. Multimedia Documents Storage : An Evolutionary Based Application                                                 

    A. Vakali, E. Terzi, L. Angelis and M.-S. Hacid

6. Monitoring Public Perception of Medical Products by Automatically Assigning Metadata to Online  Discussion Group Postings   

     W. Paik, S. Harwell, S. Yilmazel, E. Brown, M. Poulin, S. Dubon and C. Amice

7. Content-Based Indexing of MPEG-4 Video on Relational DBMS                                                  

    E. Ardizzone, M. La Cascia, U. Maniscalco, D. Peri and R. Pirrone

8. Knowledge-Based Access to Categorized Image Documents                                                             

    C. Djeraba

9. Visual Access for Retrieving Emotional Content of Pictures                                                                              

    J. Y. Lee

10. Automatic Discrimination in Audio Documents                                                                                  

   C. Djeraba and H. Saadane

11.  Web Data Modeling for Integration in Data Warehouses                                                                            

   S. Miniaoui, J. Darmont and O. Boussaid

12. Extraction of Association Rules Between Low-Level Descriptors and Semantic Descriptors in an Image Database                    

    E. Ardizzone, T. Daurel, U. Maniscalco and C. Rigotti

13. A Video Metadata Model Supporting Personalization & Recommendation in Video-Based Services                                                                          

   C. Tsinaraki, S. Papadomanolakis and S. Christodoulakis

14. An Object-Based Knowledge Representation Approach for Multimedia Presentations                         

   A. Ketfi, J. Gensel and H. Martin

submitted by M.-S. Hacid, July 7, 2001