[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-46

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Multimodal Communication and Context
in Embodied Agents

Proceedings of the AA*01 Workshop no. 7 at the
Fifth International Conference on Autonomous Agents (AA '01)
Montreal, May 29, 2001.

Edited by

Catherine Pelachaud *
Isabella Poggi #

* Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica, Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
# Dipartimento di Educazione, Universita di Roma Tre, Italy

The original title of the workshop was "Representing and Annotating Non-Verbal and Verbal Communicative Acts to Achieve Contextual Embodied Agents".

Table of Contents

  1. Multimodal Believable Agent
    Catherine Pelachaud, Isabella Poggi
  2. On the Annotation of Multimodal Behavior and Computation of Cooperation between Modalities
    Jean-Claude Martin, Sarah Grimard, Katerina Alexandri
  3. From Human Gesture to Synthetic Action
    Michael Kipp
  4. Annotating and Generating Posture from Discourse Structure in Embodied Conversational Agents
    Justine Cassell, Yukiko I. Nakano, Thimothy W. Bickmore, Candace L. Sidner, Charles Rich
  5. Consistent Communication with Control
    Jan M. Allbeck, Norman I. Badler
  6. Embodied Agents for Multi-party Dailogue in Immersive Virtual Worlds
    David Traum, Jeff Rickel
  7. Conversational Sales Assistants
    Frank Guerrin, Kaveh Kamyab, Yasmine Arafa, Ebrahim Mamdani
  8. Communicative Behavior of Socially Situated Agents
    Helmut Prendinger, Mitsuru Ishizuka
  9. The Effect of Affect: Modeling the Impact of Emotional State on the Behavior of Interactive Virtual Humans
    Stacy Marsella, Jonathan Gratch, Jeff Rickel
  10. The Storyteller: Building a Synthetic Character That Tells Stories
    Andre Silva, Marco Vala, Ana Paiva
  11. The Programmability of Intelligent Agent Avatars
    Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliens, Cees Visser
  12. A Model for the Generation and Combination of Emotional Expressions
    Aldo Paradiso, Marcello L'Abbate
  13. FESINC: Facial Expression Sculpturing with INterval Constraints
    Zsofia Ruttkay, Han Hoot
  14. Designing and Implementing Embodied Agents: Learning from Experience
    Dirk Heylen, Anton Nijholt
  15. Evaluating 3D Embodied Conversational Agents In Contrasting VRML Retail Applications
    Helen McBreen, James Anderson, Mervyn Jack
  16. The Evaluation of Microplanning and Surface Realization in the Generation of Multimodal Acts of Communication
    Melanie Baljko

submitted by C. Pelachaud, August 8, 2001