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The Interplay between Usability Evaluation and Software Development

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on the Interplay between Usability Evaluation and Software Development

Uppsala, Sweden, August 24, 2009.

Edited by

Silvia Abrahão, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Kasper Hornbæk, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Effie Lai-Chong Law, ETH Zürich, Switzerland and University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Jan Stage, Aalborg University, Denmark

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Table of Contents


Keynote Speech

  1. User Centred Design and Agile Software Development Processes: friends or foes?
    Helen Petrie

Usability and User-Centred Design

  1. Criteria for Selecting Methods in User Centred Design
    Nigel Bevan
  2. The Usability Paradox
    Mark Santcroos, Arnold Vermeeren and Ingrid Mulder

Usability Evaluation in Modern Development Processes

  1. Use of Abstraction during User Interface Development
    Ebba Hvannberg
  2. A Measurement-Based for Adopting Usability Engineering Methods and Tools
    Eduard Metzker and Ahmed Seffah
  3. Towards a Usability Evaluation Process for Model-Driven Web Development
    Adrian Fernandez, Emilio Insfran and Silvia Abrahão
  4. Playability as Extension of Quality in Use in Video Games
    José González, Francisco Montero, Natalia Zea and Francisco Gutiérrez Vela
  5. Designing, Developing, Evaluating the Invisible? - Usability Evaluation and Software Development in Ubiquitous Computing
    Tom Gross

Usability Studies

  1. Bringing Usability Evaluation into Practice: Field Studies in Two Software Organization
    Jakob O. Bak, Kim Nguyen, Peter Risgaard and Jan Stage
  2. Is Usability Getting Unpopular?
    Marta Larusdottir, Olof Haraldsdottir and Brigt Mikkelsen
  3. Early User-testing Before Programming Improves Software Quality
    John Sören Pettersson and Jenny Nilsson

18-Aug-2009: submitted by Jan Stage
18-Aug-2009: published on CEUR-WS.org